Death Toll Climbs To 29 In California’s Camp Fire, States Deadliest In 85 Years

California's Camp Fire

The deadly California’s Camp Fire has become the third-deadliest and the most destructive fire in state history. The entire town of California has been wiped out by the fire, which started last week and it’s still continuing to burn in nearby areas. The fire also was burning Sunday-from thousand Oaks tree, a city still reeling from a mass shooting that left 12 people dead last week.

The remains of six people were found in California town for Paradise after the Camp Fire swept through the area, bringing the total number of deaths related to the blaze to 29 and matching the deadliest fire in the California history.

Talking about the impact of this disastrous accident, the blaze has spread 164 square miles and has cost at least $8.1 million to fight so far. This data has been released by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. According to the spokesperson Marc Chenard from the National Weather Service, “This situation is getting worse day by day. We have sustained winds of up to 40 mph and gusts between 60 mph and 70 mph”.  The air-masses blowing across the western U.S deserts including Death Valley toward the coast is expected to bring the sustained high winds at least in a few days.

Key Areas Where The Fire Is Burning In California’s Camp Fire

arial view of fire

More than 25 people have died across California due to the wildfires. The fire began south of Simi Valley on Thursday afternoon and has continued to spread ever since. This fire has destroyed more than 170 homes. At least 200,000 people have also been evacuated, as the fire is only 5 percent contained, despite burning more than 83,000 acres, according to Accuweather. As of Saturday, the California’s Camp Fire had been destroyed nearly, 7,000 structures in and around the mountain town of Paradise and has been blamed for the most of the last week’s fire death in this whole tragic happening.

The deadly California’s Camp Fire has not only affected the general people but also it has impacted the top celebrities from Hollywood as well. This fast-moving Woosley Fire has reached the homes of top celebrities and also one iconic movie set. It was recently used by HBO in a series called “Westworld”. Kim Kardashian West, Scott Baio, Scott Derrickson, Director, Dr. Strange along with Guillermo del Toro have evacuated from their homes

Celebrity House Burnt In Fire

In southern California, Hill Fire has burned more than 4,500 trees and 65 percent contained. The whole Malibu was also evacuated this week, where some of the biggest stars form the Hollywood life, as the fire is quickly spreading across that area.

What Are The Important Steps Taken From Local Officials?

Camp Fire Body Recovery

Most of the firefighter teams were focused on the California’s Camp Fire, the deadliest in the state since 1991. According to the official reports, a total of 228 people are still missing as a result of horrific wildfires and victims have still not been identified. The officials from the state police are hoping many of the elderly on the list is only missing because they don’t have the means to contact their loved ones. Police and other joints operation of agencies was bringing a mobile DNA lab and encouraged people with missing relatives to submit samples to aid in the identification process.

The Political Effect Of This Fire Disaster

Governor Jerry Brown requested a presidential major disaster declaration which would make the hardest-hit communities eligible for the housing, unemployment and other support programs and allow state and local governments to repair fire-damaged facilities and infrastructure. The president of United States of America Donald Trump has alternated between offering sympathy for displaced people and firefighters and lashing out at California’s leaders over what he deemed poor forest management.

trump on california's camp fire

A senior spokesperson said that federal forest land has burned than state land, adding that the state has expanded its forest budget while the Trump administration has cut down its budget for forest services.

Future Forecast

Fire officials warned the local people that the winds would be back Sunday morning. The Santa Ana winds surged down from the high country just as local and state officials held their morning conference. The officials warned to residents: Don’t go back into the mandatory evacuation zones. Stay away. It is not safe. The destructive wildfires are nowhere and will keep increasing up to a few more days.


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