Best way to dress for your job interview

In fact, the interviews are something special and the dressing in the right manner is the first step towards achieving the best impression in the minds of the interviewers. How you are carrying yourself and what you are wearing will definitely make your potential employer form an opinion about you.

So, how should you dress for the job interview? Here are the tips that should help you.

If you are a man….

Here are a few tips that should be helpful enough for improving your success rate.

  • Make sure that the dress you are wearing is suitable for the position you are applying for. A suit may not suit everything. In essence, check out the company credentials before planning a dress. If you are in doubt, you can consider going conservative.
  • Irving employment services suggest going with a dark coloured suit with a light coloured shirt as a winning combination.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the dress, and you can act yourself in the dress chosen instead of being out of place.
  • The dress you wear needs to be pressed well enough, neat and cleaner. Make sure you are visiting the dry cleaner or a laundry service well in advance and prepare your dress a couple of days before the interview.
  • Never use flashy colours and ties.
  • Never use cologne or aftershave for the interview. If you need to wear something, do it with the deodorant.

Though not directly concerned with your dress, make sure you have fresh breath. Make sure you haven’t smoked or eaten anything just before the interview. You would not want to smell bad.

If you aren’t someone who shaves every day, make sure you do on the day of the interview. In fact, dressing appropriately will show clearly that you respect yourself and the interviewer.

If You are a Woman..

Well, the rules should ideally be the same. Look professional and not flashy.

  • Check if you are comfortable with a suit either with the skirt or pants. If you are doubtful, it may be a good idea to follow the conservative route.
  • Stay comfortable enough. In fact, there are a few stores that assist you in choosing the best options. You can get your dress altered to make it more comfortable.
  • Never go with anything short, bright or sheer. In fact, it has been shown that interviewers have always complained about the short skirts
  • Let the jewellery and other hair accessories be kept to the minimum possible. Use only those that are needed and the ones that are not distracting and shiny in nature.
  • Ensure that your shoes are not much high heeled. The salesperson at the shoe store should be helpful enough.
  • Ensure that you hairstyling goes well with your dress. Try to look polished to the best possible degree. You are attending an interview and not a date.

The other elements like brushing your teeth, feeling fresh and having good breath should be applicable here as well.

So, check out these tips and emerge a winner in the interview.


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