Best Oscar Moments Of All Time

Ask any actor and he will just simply raise at hands towards one thing-“Winning an Oscar” at least once in their lifetime! For all the hard work they put in their films, winning an Oscar can fulfill all their burning needs, without any doubt, whatsoever.

Taking you back to the era and forefront, here are the best Oscar moments of all time. Such moments will surely tickle your senses and will make you happy, no doubt about that. So, let’s get started.

Ben Affleck and Matt Demon Gave The Best Speech Ever

Two of the greatest Cinema Stars, Ben Affleck, and Matt Demon paved their way into Hollywood when they took the best screenplay Oscar award at the 1997 Oscar awards. Such an achievement was for their film Good Will Hunting and their speech was purely on chasing and achieving your dreams. Well, such speech will surely tickle your brains and will make you laugh in every aspect of your life.

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Won Oscar

Straight in the year 2008, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova won the Oscar for the best song Falling Slowly from the film Once. While Glen Hansard’s speech was great, Irglova stepped up the stage and said thanks to all his colleagues and fans for making him the person he is today. This moment was surely a special moment for both of them and they will cherish it throughout their life.

Sidney Poitier Made History

Taking a flashback to the era 1964 Oscars, the world was on the feet of Sidney Poitier as he won the Oscars award. He became the very first African-American actor who received such a great achievement. While his win was a remarkable moment, it was 38 years before any African-American actor won such an honorable award.

Jennifer Lawrence Won hearts of millions of People

A moment which made Jennifer Lawrence, a megastar was at the 2013 Oscar awards where she won one for her Silver Linings Playbook. When her name was called, she was actually shocked and in her speech, she laughed on such fortunate moment.

Roberto Benigni Skips and jumps off on the Stage

A good and a well-diluted speech is a rare thing, right? Robert Benigni managed in doing the duality of such case and got an Oscar for his best foreign language film named as, ”Life is Beautiful”. In this film, he starred as the main role, directed and even wrote it all together. Overall with much more joy and enthusiasm, he jumped on top of the seat, walked across with full joy and then stepped on the stage to receive this marvelous Oscar awards

Heath Ledger wins an Oscar for the Dark Night

Before his demise in the year 2008, Heath Ledger became the best joker to have existed in the era of Batman. He was given posthumously in the year 2009 Oscars for portraying the role of a joker in the Batman Film.

Wrapping Things Up

Well, such actors know the true worth of winning an Oscar and showcasing it to the entire world. As a fan, you also get excited and be a fan of their success journey!


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