Barack Obama Vs Donald Trump | How Obama Is Different From Trump?


Before knowing the difference between the two and making the Barack Obama vs Donald Trump, let us have a look at their work and life.

Donald Trump is a hard-core businessman, a writer, a television artist and 45th President of the United States. He is also considered as the King of Real Estate business. Especially he remains in the media for his absurd and bizarre speeches. Some call him a fanatic, so someone claims him to be America’s best president. Although the manner in which he defeated his opponent Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, it is not less than a miracle, because Donald Trump does not belong to any political family, whatever he did and achieved was on his strength. The Barack Obama vs Donald Trump is an interesting matter to talk about, so let us see who wins the competition.

Barack Obama was the 44th President of America and he was the first African American ever who received that term. He was born in Honolulu (Hawaii) and he graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he served as the President of the Harvard Law Survey. Prior to receiving his law degree, he was also the social manager of Chicago. He used to advocate for obtaining the rights of citizens and from 1992 to 2004. Mr. Obama also studied the legislative law at the Chicago Law School of Chicago University. He worked for the restoration of 13 districts from 1997 to 2004 in the Illinois Senate also, which has been successfully running still in the United States today.

Barack Obama best President ever

Barack Obama Vs Donald Trump | Who Is Better One?

Mr. Barack Obama was the president of America for 8 long years and was considered as the coolest President in the history of America. In the 2016 Presidential Elections, Hillary Clinton was nominated for the post of President from the Democratic Party while Donald Trump was nominated as a candidate for President from the Republican Party. Barack Obama was also from the Democratic Party, hence he supported Hillary Clinton during the elections. The citizens of America supported Hillary Clinton too but Donald Trump won the elections and became The President of the USA. This election was not about Barack Obama Vs Donald Trump but Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton.

The victory of Donald Trump was a surprise for the world as well as most of the American citizens. But it was the hard work of Donald Trump that he won the elections. Actually, the people of the United States were tired of the eight-year-old government and politicians which was not able to solve the major problems like scandals and corruptions. They wanted such a man, as the President, who actually does work and knows how to operate a country. For a change, the citizens of the USA chose Donald Trump as their 45th President.

Barack Obama is still considered as the best President ever in the history of USA by its people. But still, some people think that Barack Obama has failed to fulfill his duty as the President. And he was unable to succeed in doing many things like decreasing the unemployment rates, stopping the illegal immigration, and decreasing the threats of terrorism. Here, the USA citizens made Donald Trump the winner in Obama vs Trump competition.

Well, many of the citizens of the USA are not happy with the Donald Trump too, but they think that he is a better choice.

Trump met the emperor of Japan

There is an incident too, which tells the difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump. When Barack Obama used to be the President of the USA, he visited Japan to meet the Japanese Emperor. During Obama’s visit to Japan, there was a lot of criticism about the fact that he bowed down to about 90 degrees to greet Emperor Akihito. It is a tradition to bow down to greet the respected people in Japan. Barack Obama was the President as well as was presenting the USA and his bowing down that much in front of the Japanese Emperor was not appreciated by the USA citizens and had to face a lot of criticism.

While, when Trump met the emperor of Japan, everyone’s eyes were on how he would greet the emperor but Trump followed the protocol and greeted him with a slight tone. In such a situation, he got away with any kind of controversy. Donald Trump was aware of the Barack Obama criticism and controversy, so he had taken care of this thing. Both the Trump and Obama were right at their places but Obama had to think about his reputation too. Thus, again Donald Trump wins the match ‘Obama vs Trump‘.



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