Baker’s New Movie Is Hit The Cinema Halls Soon!

Hey, do you recall The Mentalist actors? Amongst all, whom did you find the most charming and handsome? Undoubtedly, it should be Simon Baker. Can’t you understand? It’s Patrick Jane of The Mentalist I’m talking about. Still, you do not recall!!! That’s depressing. Have you heard of Max Rourke? That Max Rourke is the Simon Baker, a predominant crush among many youngsters.

Baker’s Upcoming Movie

2017 broke Simon Baker’s new movie, ‘Breath’. It is an adaptation of an Australian novel of the same name that won multiple awards. The book has been penned down by Tim Winton. The film’s premiere was held at Toronto Film Festival and at the Zurich Film Festival in 2017. You can wish to watch the film on 2018. FilmRise will responsibly bring it to you.

Plot of Breath

As soon as the plot opens, it is shown that the whole movie is shot at a backdrop of the 1970s. Two teenage boys are the protagonist of the movie. The two of them met the third one while surfing. The third one challenges them to take up more risk and make their lives challenging. In Breath movie, Simon Baker pays the role of the third mate as Sando.

Theme of Breath

The film’s producer Mark Johnson said that “it’s got universal themes – about being desperately afraid that you’re ordinary, about being afraid as a young man that there’s nothing exceptional . Every one of us suffers from this existential crisis. The book from where it is adapted also has a restless curiosity and a serious yearning for identity. The film defines the present generation and the time that is yet to come. So, you can call the film a bit ahead of time.

New shade of Simon

Simon again is showing some varied colors of his personality. With this film, he is landing into the seat of a director. Therefore, he will not only act but direct and produce ‘Breath’ too. Let’s see how well Simon performs.


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