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Yes! Ordinary overhauling of your vehicle should be possible right in your doorstep. Our administrations are incredibly advantageous and only an application away.

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Simple and adaptable bundles fitting to every one of your needs. Day by day administration, Alternate Day Service, Weekend administration and numerous choices accessible.

Doorstep car care services

A single tick Doorstep administration though vehicle couldn't care less needs. Motor Wash, Fender Wash, Puncture administration, Wheel revolution and a lot more administrations at your entryway step.

1 hour service guarantee

Revolutionizing door step car maintenance in Usa.
We ensure 1 hr vehicle upkeep serice. Transparant. Dependable. Helpful.

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Do you have a vehicle? You certainly need Auto Repair Service application for all your vehicle needs in one App. Accessible in IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Download Now.



1 Car + 1 Bike [ 748 - 998 ]
1 car + 2 Bike's [ 997 - 1247 ]
2 car's [ 998 - 1498 ]
2 car's + 1 Bike [ 1247 - 1747 ]
2 Car's + 2 Bike's [ 1496 - 1996 ]
Alternate Day Services / Weekend Services / Ondemand Services
Alternate Day Services / Weekend Services / Ondemand Services


Deep Cleaning

Wash your vehicle with the correct bubbles. Despite the fact that fluid dish cleanser is an extraordinary degreaser. Indeed, it eliminates soil, oil and old wax.

Wax and shine

When the vehicle is appropriately cleaned and is sparkling, apply a flimsy layer of wax on the outside of the vehicle.

Tyre Puncture

No more issue of going around to locate a best punctured tire fixing administration on those crisis days.

Tyre rotation

Tire revolution alludes to the convenient moving of a vehicle's haggles to guarantee uniform track wear and longer track life.

Engine Wash

Our motor enumerating administration can help make your motor shimmer once more. We first utilize an expert evaluation degreaser to eliminate any oil

Leather Seat Polish

Calfskin seats add a touch luxury to your vehicle. Complete it no additional exertion.

Fender Wash

Bumper itemizing includes cleaning the inward pieces of a bumper zone of the vehicle.

Regular air check

Tire pressure is a proportion of the measure of air in a vehicle's tires.

Nitrogen air check

Get Nitrogen air check administration and fill administration done at your entryway step.

Fuel Service

Fuel Service. We collaborated with organizations who give entryway step fuel drop administration.

Who we are

We started with a simple idea

Auto Repair Service is the simplest and most reliable car care solution to keep your car clean at your doorstep every day. Auto Repair Service is an end to end car cleansing solution which ensures the wash experience for your car as a memorable one with no compromise in quality at the lowest price. We offer daily car wash services, on demand services related to car care.

Auto Repair Service promises a guarenteed and reliable daily car wash. For the first time in the history of car wash cleanse car provides 100$ scratch and scar insurance in the daily car wash industry. We are fully operational in NYC and Las Vegas. We are expected to start our services in Newyork, California 2019.