Astrology & Healing – Spiritual Astrology

Spiritual Astrology is a type of astrology which offers a new perspective on a variety of aspects of daily existence and leaves you with a unique perception of the world around you. And as such, it is extremely helpful tool for you to employ to achieve personal development through life.

Spiritual astrology tells us that the planetary powers are dependent actors all of which operate by a Higher Law. These planetary powers are the agents of the Creator as well as Divine messengers. The movements of our universe are an essential part of the original creation and its process – all divinely willed and established. Therefore, astrology is inherently and essentially Divine.

So everytime we look at the enchanting night sky, we observe the thoughts of the Divine and the ideas it emanates. All of which fills us with the following questions: What is the Divine’s Plan for us? What are we supposed to accomplish or avoid doing? And where do we fit in the great scheme of things?

It’s also worth mentioning that unlike conventional astrology that solely focuses on your zodiac sign or personality, spiritual astrology puts a great emphasis on helping you move forward in your life journey whilst tackling all the challenges and obstacles life throws in your way. 

It can also provide you with answers to important life questions such as whether or not you’ll find a soulmate and what kind of influence you have on each other or if the job you currently have is the right one for you.

With a deeper knowledge of spiritual astrology, you’ll further reap the benefits it offers by understanding important concepts such as karma, consciousness and self-fulfillment, all of which offer healing benefits for your body and mind whilst helping you to cultivate your inner spirituality.

Spiritual Astrology Report

Just like conventional astrology, spiritual astrology also offers you a personal report which includes the position of the moon, the sun, and the planets at the time you were born. 

The spiritual report carefully analyzes the aspects in your chart to construct a picture of your personal destiny to give you a better idea of the areas of your greatest potential.

So essentially, the spiritual report helps you to enhance and fully manifest the unique characteristics within yourself which aids you in advancing in the journey of life.

Remember, the path Universe puts you on in the beginning isn’t always the right one for you. This kind of path can always be changed and that is exactly why you need to learn manipulating situations as well as using your unique personality traits to create your own life path. 

And it’s useful for you to understand the forces you work with or the forces working against you to keep moving forward in life.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, the spiritual astrology is a great way for determining your strong characteristics and traits and putting them to good use for your personal growth and achievements.

And with a deeper understanding of it, you’ll have an easier time persistently moving forward in life, advancing no matter what obstacles life throws at you.


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