Astaroth Trojan has made a re-entry, attacks antivirus solutions

When one discusses the trojans and ransomware, one cannot underestimate one of the most evasive and dangerous malware that had surfaced a few years ago. Named Astaroth Trojan, it has been considered to be one of the most difficult malware attacks to contain. Normally distributed through the spam emails, the virus has been found to be quite deceptive in terms of its attacking mechanism.

Microsoft recently discovered an occasion where a fileless malware campaign has been unleashed by Astaroth that attacked the memory of the infected computers and indulged in information stealing activities. Astaroth typically lures the unsuspecting victims into opening the Microsoft Office Documents. Once you open these documents, the virus injects the Astaroth into your system.

Once it has installed itself onto your system, it moves ahead with the installation of other extra malware applications. It can even use the keylogger applications to steal your personal data. While it basically attempts to steal information from the affected computers, it has also been observed to spread other viruses as well.

Astaroth has always been found using the Facebook and YouTube profiles for covering its attacks. In fact, the service has been observed to be using the legitimate services for the purposes of attacking your email, network services and other details. The service is being used to undertake the spam campaigns in Europe and Brazil. These files ideally spread through the .7zip files.

The file less mode of transmitting viruses makes it quite difficult to find and detect. It is advisable to opt for the powerful malware and ransomware detection techniques like ZoneAlarm for handling the virus. The specifically designed anti malware and anti ransomware tools can be quite handy in keeping the hackers away from your systems. Services like automatic file restoration, file protection and PC shield functionalities can be a few best features you should ahead to in your choice of the anti ransomware solutions. Given the fact that the Astaroth malware can even abuse antivirus solutions, we find it extremely important to use the anti malware solutions that can really take a stern approach towards the basic activities of the virus.

Cybereason’s Nocturnus Research recently claimed that the latest versions of the Astaroth trojan malware could inject malicious modules into the Avast’s processes. This accounts to be one of the simple and easy evasive technique that the malware can ever enjoy. Since Avast has been one of the most active antivirus solution used all over the globe, attacking it should actually be the best option for your needs.

This is in sharp contrast to the previous versions of the malware that was discovered in 2017. The earlier version would not install itself on the system if it detected that Avast antivirus is installed on the system. Now that the hackers have found a way to abuse the antivirus, it may not be long enough to find it affecting the other antivirus solutions as well.

For reasons unknown, the malware appears to be targeting the Brazilian region to a larger extent. The emails are normally written in Portuguese and the ZIP archives are also geo fenced to Brazil in many cases. However, that should not mean the virus would not attack other regions. It may develop techniques over the years to attack the other regions as well.

The fact that the Astaroth malware has undergone a huge evolution over the last few years and this has been evident enough to prove that the malware has been powerful and can only be taken care of if you make use of an equally powerful and efficient antivirus and anti malware solution.


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