Are Eggs Bad For You And Your Health?

Are Eggs Bad For You

Are eggs bad for you? This question usually comes to your mind when you see health related articles denouncing the usability of the egg yolk. It is widely asked that are eggs bad. However, in case you are a health fanatic and take your body’s mechanism very seriously, then always be aware of the fact that eggs are one of the powerhouses of protein and nutritional elements. Not only the eggs are a fantastic source of lean protein, but they also comprise of some essential proteins which underlines the fact that they are always a devoured food item. Interestingly, eggs are also resplendent in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. In case you do not know, one large egg has 186 milligrams of cholesterol.


How Are Eggs Beneficial for your health?

No matter what the health articles say, eggs are a valid source of animal protein that are loved by many. You would have asked many a times that are eggs bad for you ? However, always stay updated about the fact that the cholesterol that is found in eggs is not that bad. It is so because cholesterol is an important source of growth in the bodies of children and adults. Moreover, cholesterol is found in the membranes of cells of the human body thereby underlining its importance in the world of protein.


Are Eggs Bad For You In Long Term?

The answer is a strict no. It is so because egg yolks are one of the most nutrient-rich food items which you would ever find in the animal chain. Interestingly, you might be confused about eggs good or bad source of protein, but always keep in mind that the yolks present in eggs are also rich in anti-oxidants. Furthermore, in case you are wondering that eggs good or bad source of protein, then always be aware of the fact that they are one of the vitamin-laden food items available among the human beings. Another prominent factor that makes eggs highly popular lies in the fact that they can be afforded by a large number of individuals. This makes them one of those protein-laden food items that are easily available in the planet.


important nutrients present in eggs

Other Important Nutrients Present In Eggs

It is important to note that it is high time that you should stop thinking about eggs good or bad. It is so because experts have highlighted that egg yolks are a rich source of interesting nutrients in the form of choline, lutein and much more. This is the reason that you should never ask are eggs bad. It is so because an average-sized egg comprises of 90 percent of calcium, iron and phosphorous which is needed to maintain the basic functions of the human body. This is the reason that they are recommendeed on a daily basis to the pregnant women. The fetus requires protein to grow and this is where the eggs come to the fore. In case you want to avoid the high cholesterol content in eggs, avoid its yellow portion.


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