Antarctica Is Melting Three Times As Fast From Previous Decade & Raises Concerns


There have been several researchers and scientists that are worried about the fact that Antarctica is Melting as it is really melting faster than anyone could have thought. There has been a noticeable rise in the sea level in the past few years. We all know that 85-90 percent of the world’s fresh water is present in the frozen form. Ice sheets of Antarctica alone has its area equivalent to the area of both United States and Mexico combined. And if the sheets of ice that have been spread in such a large area melt then this could able to raise the level of the sea by 200 feet. This would be a disastrous scenario but this will not happen in a blink of an eye as the ice sheets of Antarctica are continuous melting.

Thus, this scenario can be seen after a few years because the ice sheets of Antarctica has tripled their melting rate since 2007. According to the latest reports, this has been said that the rate at which the ice sheets of Antarctica is melting will result in the rise of the sea level by six inches till the end of 2100. All these reports have been created by the team of researchers and scientists. They had observed and study the region of Antarctica very briefly and also has estimated that Antarctica alone might raise the level of sea till the end of this century.

The Recent Studies On Antarctica

In the period of 1992-2017, it has shed its ice sheets up to three trillion tons. This has led to an increase in sea levels to approximately three-tenths of an inch, which doesn’t seem to be as a matter of concern. But in the last five years, there has been an increase of 40% of that what all has happened before that is from 2012 to 2017. There has been a great rise in the melting rate of ice sheets that is equivalent to the 40%.  There are so many articles and reports which are available about the changing conditions of Antarctica. Everyone is surprised by the results and facts that have been achieved by examing the ice sheets of Antarctica.

ice sheet checkup

There are various news agencies that have also taken a step forward to save the environment. Through telecasting, the reports of weather experts and researchers and also they have requested the governments of the countries to spread the awareness about the changing shape of Antarctica. Because Global Warming is the reason behind such kind of unfamiliar behavior of nature. It is the reason due to which the temperature of the Earth has increased over a period of time. Thus making the adverse effects on the nature of our Earth and the temperature of the Earth is continuously increasing.

Solar panels

The ice sheets have been changing its shape to form glacial sinkholes, iceberg calves, snowfalls for a long time under the ordinary climate conditions. Over the past few years, these ice sheets are melting due to the effect of Global Warming which had raised the normal temperature of the Earth. The studies and researches have also helped to understand the regional problems. Studies have also helped to clear up some confusions and misconceptions that were linked to regional differences in Antarctica.

sinkholes Antarctica

West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula, are the parts of Antarctica that are moving toward South America. These are the areas that have been known for some time to be losing ice but in East Antarctica, the picture has been seen as the ice sheet that has gained mass over past few years as well as has lost mass in others. Thus, all these studies about the regional description of Antarctica are providing a great information through which the scientists can plan to tackle some adversities of nature. Because they are trying their hard in gathering all the possible information as more then 80 researchers and scientists all around the world have collected the data and information through the help of different satellites for analyzing the changes taking place in Antarctica.

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