An Ode To Eminem And Kim’s Relationship

With the evolution of rap industry one name always strikes in your mind that is Eminem. I will not talk about how beautifully he uses his lyrics or how well he maintains the beat of a rap song. You will admit that he is a star. Now, aren’t you interested to know about his personal life? Who is not! So, Mr. Eminem, here we are coming to take a look at your personal life. Peek-a-boo!

I hope you understand what I’ll be talking about now. It’s Eminem and Kim relationship, the most talked affair of the town.  Kim first met Eminem as a shirtless bold rapper standing tall on top of a table. At the age of 15, Kim along with her sister Dawn fought with her parents and shifted to stay with Eminem. Such was the love in the air at that time! Soon, Eminem and Kim Mathers were heard to be dating.

The Love-Hate Relationship

Before tying the knot, the duo dated from 1989 to 1996. It was during this time that Kim was expecting a baby. On the Christmas Eve of 1995, Kim gave birth to a baby girl, Hailie. Unfortunately, by this time, the couple began with small trifles in their relationship. Soon, they moved apart. 

None can measure the power of love. Such was the case for Kim and Eminem. Both of them reconciled on 1998 and got married on 2001. There was a repetition of the same rivalry again. Kim was noticed kissing John Guerrera. Notwithstanding this action of Kim, Eminem assaulted John and thereby landed in jail. His arrest gave birth to the famous single hit ‘Kim’.

Kim, Eminem’s ex, not being able to bear this, felt embarrassed and landed in a miserable car accident. Eventually, Eminem filed for a divorce. Kim did not spare him. Instead, Kim filed a case against him for defamation. Phew! All you can say is God perhaps did not want them to live together.


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