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We Offers moderate decisions on the web and retail transporter accounts. We utilize an expense despite evaluating model which engages us to give the most immaterial potential expenses to our transporters. Stun Bill Pay is a thing and association of Mountain Media. Mountain Media has been serving the eCommerce progress business center since 1998. As a commendation to Mountain Commerce, the affiliation's full-included eCommerce orchestrate, Mountain Media has built up an installment entryway for use with eCommerce Web locale with an additional curve. Despite the way that Amaze Bill Pay™ work as a standard eCommerce area and virtual terminal, it moreover offers an energized reaction for making and overseeing "installment pages." This adaptable new framework is unprecedented for suffering on the web receipt installments, blessings or occasion selections or as a decision to PayPal. Mountain Media is a PCI DSS solid empowering supplier which guarantees that your exchanges will be ensured by the hardest information security rules and improvement accessible.


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Accept Payment on your Website

Amaze Bill Pay™ installment pages offer your customers' a worthwhile strategy to pay on the web. Enduring installment has never been easier!

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is an easy to-use plan that changes any PC into a virtual MasterCard terminal for enduring installments. This is ideal for enduring installments by means of phone.


Recurring Payments

Amaze Bill Pay repeating installments module simplifies work out of booking designed charging. This organization empowers you to securely store your customer's Mastercard or monetary records information and charge it at between times that you describe. Setting up a typical charging answer for your business will save you time and money and help screen your records receivable..

Payment Gateway

Amaze Bill Pay is totally organized with the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin. We impact setting to up a web business shop basic. Allow us to set up your seller record and supply you with the vendor key to associate with WordPress Website. You will not need any specific dominance to arrangement your WordPress installment entry.

Sample Payment Pages

Amaze Bill Pay gives you the flexibility to make your own installment pages. You can produce and manage your online installment system through easy to-use electronic mechanical assemblies. With power over the graphical appearance of your installment pages, you'll even have the ability to grow your corporate stamping for a dependable look.

Other Services

Online Payment Gateway Services

Amaze Bill Pay contains all the organization gadgets you need to genuinely manage your financial trades. Our charge card entryway organization is a mysterious key gotten Web site page encouraged by our parent association, Mountain Media. It changes your PC into a virtual money related organization center. You essentially login to the Web Payment Software™ to manage installment trades from your eCommerce Web site. Then again, you can run a trade using the Virtual Terminal, or collect and administer installment pages in our Web Payment Software™ module.

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