All you need to know about Robert Pattinson Wife

The dashing heartthrob, Robert Pattison, is rumored tomarry his long-termgirlfriend, FTA Twigs.Robert pattinson and fka twigs have been dating for some time and according to media reports, Robert pattinson fka twigs, have been unofficiallyengaged for a while.Robert pattinson and fka twigs are keeping their personal life a secretfrom the media, making it very difficult for the tabloids to figure out the truth.The celebrities, Robert Pattinson fka twigs, have been dating from 2014. In 2017 rumors like Robert Pattinson and fka twigs engaged secretlysurfaced in favorite magazines. However, the actors have neitherconfirmed nor denied the facts.

Robert Pattinson and fka twigs wedding

The Robart Pattinson and fka twigs wedding can cause a media riot. The couples believe that this can destroy their privacy.Fka twigs and Robart want to guard their private space from the media. Probablythis has forced, Robart Pattinson and fkato keep a mum on their relationship status.

According to one newspaper Robart Pattinson and fka twigs latest news, the couples have split afterdrifting apart. However, the representative ofRobart Pattinson fkatwigs has not confirmed the news.One close associate of the actor confirmed that the report is indeed accurate. The coupleshave spilled but still harbor strong feelingsfor each other.Recently, FTA was seenwithout hertrademarkedengagement ring.

In an earlier interview to a favorite magazine, Robert Pattinson in a verycryptic manner confirmed thathe was engaged to the singer. But the recent development of the events might bring out a new picture.


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