Maternity Photo Shoot Takes Bizarre Turn as ‘Alien’ Xenomorph Bursts Through New Mom’s Belly


Pre and post marriage couple photo shoots are so much liked by the people nowadays and all the couples want to make their photoshoot more special by adding some unique element. Post pregnancy is also popular among couples. We have seen normal pregnancy photo shoots but just imagine what will be your reaction when pregnancy photoshoot will turn out into some alien looking thing bursting out from the woman bump with spreading blood all over her body. Surely, this can be very disturbing to see for lots of people.



There are still some fun gems to be found in this weird place called the internet. You can find sometimes much unexpected. The same thing happened some days ago when soon-to-be parents Todd and Nicole Cameron unleashed some hilariously disturbing pregnancy photos on Facebook. According to some local newspaper, the couple decided to try something new in their pregnancy photo shoot by adding something creative stuff to making it memorable. The couple took the help of a friend and local photographer Li Carter to shoot their maternity series in a pumpkin field. Todd and Nicole came up with this freaking hilarious idea for a photo shoot inspired by their love of Halloween and their desire to do something a little unique than others.

An Interesting Pregnancy Photoshoot

After finding the alien Chestburster model at a garage sale, Todd decided it would be the most perfect prop for their unconventional Halloween maternity photo shoot.  On a rainy afternoon, Nicole Cameron wore a peach-colored chiffon bright dress that showed off her eight-month baby belly, while her husband, Todd Cameron wore a white-sweater and showed some pose in a pumpkin patch for their photographer, Li Carter.

The shoot begins innocently enough, with photos of the couple posing in the local pumpkin patch. But in the next sequence of photos shows Nicole doubled in pain before a baby Xenomorph burst from her pregnant belly.

The photos are recreating the iconic ‘Chestburster’ scene from 1979 film Alien and the best thing about these photos that they have gone viral on the social media platform. Almost 39 years later, Todd and Nicole Cameron took inspiration from the film to tell their friends and family that they too will replicate the same scene but with new flavor.

According to Todd Cameron, over the summer Nicole had been talking about this baby inside her and how it was so strange to see it moving and she could feel its elbows and feet, hands moving all around her in her baby-bump. She sometimes felt that like an alien entity inside of her stomach and both the couple wanted to create something new from this feeling of joy.

While searching for the idea, Todd spotted a garage sale. When he stepped inside the sale, he noticed a silicone model of the chest-bursting alien. He liked that stuff so much and he decided to purchase that alien kind of prop in $15.

The Inspiration Behind This Idea



When asked from Todd about this idea, he told that the first time he watched the classic movie the Alien when he was barely about 12 years old, and it was his first horror movie that he watched late at night after his parents went to bed. Todd still remembers the scene of the birthing beast vividly because that scene seemed so realistic and so unexpected because they were all sitting around having a meal. That was a super cool scene in the movie. Then he decided that he will also be going to do something related to that but completely in a new way.

He then asked his wife whether she would be interested in a comedy-horror maternity photo shoot and she said yes!

The Message Behind This Photo-Shoot

After appreciating by the people on social media, on Facebook, the shoot has been shared more than 240,000 times. The couple said, there was deep message is hidden behind those photos other than just comedy and horror. Love your kids for who they are. However, they come out, whoever they happen to just love them and support them even if they are alien creatures. The delivery is still not happened and the couple does not know whether their baby is a boy or a girl. “We are hoping that it’s human and we are 99 percent sure that it will be a human child” laughing they said.


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