Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 – Top Third-Party Solutions

An email has been one of the most notorious risk options when it comes to phishing attacks. Most of the Office 365 phishing attacks come through the email. Given the fact that the email is one of the major contributors to severe attacks like malware or ransomware.

If you are using Microsoft office 365 for your organization and its productivity improvements, a good third party solution to take care of Office 365 email security is a necessity. Of course, Office 365 does come with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, but even then a third-party solution would provide an added security layer.

What is Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)?

Well, not before long ago, the only protection against the Office 365 phishing attack was opting for a third-party solution. However, Microsoft has launched a new option for protecting your Office installation.

One of the best options that would make it one of the excellent options is that it provides you access to a layered approach for protection. It can handle a host of activities like scanning your email attachments for malware, handling malicious files like SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams and protection against unauthorized spoofing.

Even with the excellent set of options offered under the package, there are a few limitations that it suffers in avoiding the Office 365 phishing email threats. That is exactly why you need to go with a powerful third party solution for the purpose.

Why Opt for Third-Party Solution?

The Advanced Threat Protection Office 365 may not be the best in terms of protection against the phishing attacks. That would necessitate the need for a third party option to take care of your needs.

Services like can come in quite handy in those situations. Of course, the official protection from Microsoft comes with a host of features, but experts are of the opinion that it has a few gaps in its functionality. This can become an issue for the organization.

One of the huge issues that it may suffer would be Business Email Compromise or BEC attacks. Moreover, there are more modes of frauds used by the scamsters. There are several variants of BEC attack referred to as PhishPoint attack.

The ATP native to the platform may not be an efficient option. Experts claim that organizations are ideally suggested to augment the Office 365 with the capable third-party applications offered by the expert vendors in the realm of email security for office 365. Opting for the next generation cloud-based email security should ideally be an excellent option you would want to go with.

If you are into eDiscovery and sampling needs and similar other high-end services, you would indeed not depend solely on the offering from Microsoft alone. The high-end protection against spear phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, impersonation, and other sophisticated email attacks with advanced threat defense can only be achieved with a third party solution along with the built-in Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).

So, our advice – in tune with the experts – is to go with a  combination of both Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and a powerful third party service.


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