How New “A Star Is Born” Is Different From Its Previous Versions?

A Star Is Born

The entire process of making a film is incredibly hard and no matter who you are and how much money you have – it is never easy. There are so many factors and therefore many possible things that could go wrong. People who have not made films before will tend to be very judgmental, thinking they could do better than Hollywood directors.

But just imagine if an actor tries to be director of the film, how the journey will go for him. This same experiment is tried by a famous academy award winning Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. Even though he had Oscar nomination for American Sniper, he can pick any role he wanted. But he chose to try his luck in direction.


Bradley           Copper’s          directional           debut          A Star Is Born         is      a traditional Hollywood romance movie but you would never guess it from the skill and passion he brings to the project. This movie is critically acclaimed by the film critics as well the audiences. This is not the first birth of the movie. You could say the film is the reincarnation of an old soul, a third time over. The original A Star Is Born was made in the back 1937.

Basically, this movie is a love story which revolves around rags-to-riches wish-accomplishment fantasy and, tragic drama about addiction. But more than anything else, Copper’s A Star Is Born is like the greatest adaption of its previous versions.

The Storyline Of The Movie

Jackson Maine (Cooper) is a musician struggling with addiction to pills and alcohol and in denial about his gradually hearing loss. After a show one night, his driver takes him to drag club, where he sees Ally (Lady Gaga) performance, and he instantly gets attracted by her voice. Then they meet up and spent the whole night chatting with each other. Jackson motivates her to start writing and singing her own songs, as that is the only thing that will make her unique as an artist. Initially, she is reluctant to make this decision, having been told that since childhood that she is not beautiful enough to really make it. This idea was reinforced by her unhelpful father.


The very next day, Jackson flies Ally to one of his gigs and invites her to sing with him onstage. Then they fall in with each other and she joins the team of Jackson. Very Soon, she signs with a manager and starts building her own career.

But then a twist comes in the story as Ally’s career begins to take off and Jackson ends up on the decline. His brother and road manager leave him. Then he starts drugs and other substance abuse. He keeps falling off at the worst. He is unable to cope with this addictions and Ally’s rocket ship success. Now the role is being reversed and add some tension between their love relationships.

How We Can Say This Is The Best Adaption Ever Made On “A Star Is Born”?

The film looks at the endless struggle between artistic integrity and commercial success and if the two things can ever go hand in hand. Bringing in Lady Gaga – who makes her feature film debut in a leading role- was instrumental in making the film a success but for Cooper, it was a big responsibility. Lady Gaga has done incredible work as an actress. The two connects romantically and musically, they take a tale of love, the ambition of fate and make it seem as fresh as a French kiss.


The movie is set in the modern times, but it feels timeless. There is no question that the music entertains, and nobody can seize the spotlight like Gaga. Well-chosen supporting Sam Elliot, who plays Cooper’s older brother and manager impress with acting skills and attracted the audiences.

Final Words!

Cooper’s subject is the pursuit of self-expression and the sharing space of performance in a collaborative art form.

This is the story of a downward trajectory and Once again, the Cooper and team prove up the challenge. It is impossible to watch Jackson’s storyline without being reminded of the struggles of countless musicians and celebrities over the past decade or just ordinary people who are fighting addiction. This movie is a reminder that even the most familiar stories can be sure to examine the issue and concern of a given moment.


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