ERA Timepieces is the most talked-about new luxury watch companies on the market that has taken haute horlogerie complications and made them accessible to the common man.

From celebrity fans to top executives, ERA is changing the timepiece fashion industry for all. We sat down with the brand’s CEO Michael Galarza to learn more about the new era of ERA he has brought forward.

1. Why is ERA different than other timepiece companies?

The watch industry is 87% controlled by 3 companies and they price gouge their customers by charging a fortune for rare complications simply because they know their customers can afford it.  At ERA, we bring these rare complications to our customers at a fraction of the price because we don’t believe in these type of antiquated uncompetitive practices.

2. What is the most important element of an ERA Timepiece?

The most important element of an ERA Timepiece is always going to center around the complication that used to only be available for 5 or 6 figures in a timepiece that we made available for a fraction of the price.

3. Why is setting a high industry standard and new trend important to you?

The watch industry is one of the most antiquated industries in the world.  By forming an oligarchy, they have zero competitive need to do more than incrementally tweak a few colors here or there in releasing new watches and someone needs to step up to do a better job for all watch connoisseurs worldwide.

4. What type of people have you seen purchasing your timepieces?

82% of our customers are either senior executives or in performance based professions where they have no choice but produce results.  ERA is a brand for those who walk their own path in life.

5. What changes in the watch industry have you observed over the past few years?

While boutique horological shops are coming up with innovative new ideas, most of the major watch conglomerates are taking zero risks and essentially coasting on past reputation and spending absurd amounts of money on marketing to try to make up for it.

6. What is your ultimate goal for ERA?

We want to get to a place where our brand is instantly synonymous with the best possible value in haute horology bar none.

7. Where can people purchase an ERA timepiece today?

You can go to www.eratimepieces.com to get yours today!



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