8 Hacks to Choosing Your Maternity Coat

Are you expectant and are not due until after the winter season is over? To most women, this is frustrating because they have no idea what to wear. This is especially for the working woman. Still, you need to know what to invest in that will still be essential after maternity. Hence with all the fluctuating hormones that you experience. And the need to feel cozy and snuggled up during winter. A teddy bear coat would do the trick and is perfect outerwear according to fashion experts. Upgrade your look and get the trendy and colorful teddy coats that you can have a colorful pregnancy photo shoot in. Below are some hacks that maternity fashion experts opt for you to consider while choosing a teddy bear coat.

Choose an adjustable waist 

First things first, as your pregnancy progresses you lose your original waistline due to your protruding tummy. It is important for your health that you stay warm and chic through winter with a teddy bear trench coat that has a waist cinch. This coat is a great choice for how it is styled and how inherently adjustable it is. However, choose a traditional shade that you can pair with ease. And the cinch is a great way that adjusts the waistline as your belly grows and after the pregnancy when it has shrunk. This style is superb and offers a timeless style that even celebrities adorn to.

Try layering

While pregnant layering clothes is key for extra warmth. Hence when considering the best teddy bear coat to buy. It is vital to see if it has an extra room that you can layer and still look stylish. For instance, by wearing a free top covering the bump, layer with a pull-neck sweater and put over a teddy bear coat for extra warmth and style. In this case, the coat does not have to close but should have room to fit through the arms or invest in a sleeveless one.

Go for empire waistcoats 

Throughout your maternity, the best coat for you is an empire waistcoat. This coat although it still suits women who are not pregnant. It was designed for the pregnant woman. The way they look they offer the right cover for the baby bump. Plus, at the same time you can use them post-maternity and they still will look classic.

Type of fabric 

Although knit fabrics are favored by maternity fashion experts. Simply because they are best at layering. You do not have to look all boring with minimal style just because you are pregnant. Fortunately, there are warm coats that are trendy and yet stylish with the right cuts to accentuate all your curves and baby bump. Go for a trapeze teddy bear coat especially in your last trimester and enjoy looking beautiful and staying warm. The trapeze coat and the knit sweaters and cardigans are fit fabrics due to the trapeze flare design and the knit garbs stretch factor.


Yes. Borrow or consider renting for your bump. However, by the time you are considering this. It is dependent on your lifestyle as well. If you are a stay at home mother, you can survive with two or three coats. Yet, for the working class pregnant woman you need to show up at the office looking the part. Today, there are many sites you can rent from and they are elegant looks that you can swap various coats and dresses from. Alternatively, you can borrow from a sister, friend what they used while they were pregnant. This saves you money if you had to buy one that you would wear for a certain period. Borrowed clothes are stylish for they were also dressing to style up their pregnancy.


Can your maternity coat be easily accessorized? Always accessorize a maternity coat to prevent it from looking all plain and unattractive. For instance, add some colorful scarf to your all-black teddy bear coat. This will add some elegance and change the entire look. Hats, colored bags also brighten up a dull look. Enjoy accessorizing your coat and if you layer it well you can have an open coat that allows you to show off your back and still stay warm.

Choose non-maternity wear 


Interestingly, most maternity wear including coats is made loose-fitting if not baggy. This look does not favor the fashionista woman. Hence shopping through the non-maternity aisle is a new way to style your bump. Surprisingly enough you cannot lack an outfit that fits your bump either a jumpsuit, maxi dresses, and tops. Pairing this up with your coat is a new look to the fashion game. Plus, you can also look all styled up with a size or two than your usual size that has more room in the midsection and matches with maternity leggings or pants.

Check out sales

Through sales, you will save big. Plus, it is the best place to find the previous year’s trendy maternity gear. The bargains are great and although they are not the current trends you have an excuse for pregnancy. Consider the season you are in depending on where you live. After shop ahead considering the coming seasons. Ensure you buy coats for cold seasons and summer maternity dresses for pregnancy lasts for almost a year to get well prepared.

In summary, as the winter season approaches. Everyone has their scarf, gloves, and hats layered out but since you are pregnant you need to figure out your coat. The above hacks will help you choose one that is fashionable and you can wear it after pregnancy. It can be buttoned, zipped or get ponchos and capes to switch from time to time. First-time mothers like going all the way for the trendy options and are ready to spend. However, you can choose to minimize the costs and buy through sales or renting sites. All in all, the priority is to stay warm and looking stylish is just a plus for your look.


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