6 Interesting Facts About The Golden Globes 2018

Almost every Hollywood celebrity know the importance of the Golden Globe Their work and hard work are all put together to lure the audience and to win an iconic award for their all-time achievement in this highly competitive Hollywood industry.

The Facts

As a spectator, I bet you don’t know the top 6 interesting facts about the Golden Globes. So, let’s hop down to the topic, unfold each secret one by one and feed our minds with much-needed information.

  • The year 1944 marked the beginning of this award. But, it didn’t have a host for its first 14 ceremonies and the awards were mostly given by the journalists, who were an essential member of the Hollywood foreign press association. Later on, from the year 1958, hosts were included as a part of this award ceremony.
  • Talking about holding the record for the most number of nominations will inevitably bring Jamie Foxx and Helen Mirren straight into the limelight. Jammie was of the age 37 when he was nominated for the best actor in a kind of motion picture. Over the span of time, he has won several great awards for his iconic achievements all over the globe.
  • The HFPA is usually a non-profit organization which has donated tons of money to the Internet-related categories. In terms of numbers, it has donated 23.9 million dollars over the span of time and has also funded plenty of the scholarships for building films and donating other TV professionals.
  • In the earlier days of the Golden Globe Awards, something strange happened. For the best actress award, in the year 1989, three ladies won the same coveted statuette in the similar category. Surprised to know about it, isn’t it? Well, the three names were Jodie Foster, Shirley MacLaine, and Sigourney Weaver.
  • If you talk about the most number of individual nominations, Meryl Streep is the one who is leading the show. She has appeared in a whopping 30 nominations, which is quite an amazing achievements for sure. Out of the 30 nominations, she has won 8 times, therefore showcasing her acting skills. The star who won the award 9 times is none other than Barbra Streisand who is another great celebrity in Hollywood. Great competition indeed!
  • Back in the year 1972, Marlon Brando declined to accept his Golden Globe award. His film, “The Godfather” was a global success but he was in protest against the United States racism issue. On the same note, he rejected the 1973 Oscar awards. Well, well, this star has definitely shown the world his tough side!

Well, the awards will come and go but nothing can be the finest and greatest award than the Golden Globe. As a spectator, you have by now came to know about the top six unknown facts about Golden Globes in a much easier and affirmative manner. So what are you waiting for? Catch up with your friends, share this ever secret information and open up your minds to such secret information altogether.

As it is said, Hollywood is full of surprises and these facts fully justify this line!

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