5 Ways to Nail Your Recruitment Strategy as an Entrepreneur


    One of the most challenging parts of being a small business owner or entrepreneur is acquiring the right talent for the job. You can sift through resumes haphazardly or you can develop a strategic plan-of-action to hire top-quality talent. The savviest business builders are the ones who develop and hone their talent acquisition efforts to build a team they can be proud of. If you want help honing your recruitment strategy this year, consider integrating the following five tips into your action plan.


    1) If you want team members to come work for your firm, you need to make your brand irresistible. Potential hires need to feel like they are missing out on a spectacular work culture and an awesome opportunity if they make the mistake of not being on your team.


    2) To encourage more strong leaders to join your company, you must stress how important sales are and that every member of the team is responsible for growth. Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav, first-generation entrepreneur, says, “When employees understand that business development is everyone’s job, they are more likely to take an active role in wowing current customers and securing new customers.”


    3) Social media plays a huge role in the public’s perception of your brand. Each employee must understand that how they behave on social media is a direct reflection on your company. Reviewing applicants’ past histories on social media should become an integral part of your talent acquisition strategy as failure to discover social media misdeeds could come back to haunt your brand.


    4) If you want to improve your recruitment practices, don’t focus your efforts on finding bodies to fill roles. “You are better off leaving a position vacant than hiring the wrong person for the role,” states Vinod Ramchandra Jadhav. Develop your talent acquisition strategy around discover who the right type of person would be for each job vacancy, and then making it your mission to find a candidate that fits your description of a perfect hire.


    5) Hire people who don’t take no for an answer and who are excellent at finding solutions. When you build a team of solutions finders, you will be amazed at how big your company can grow. Don’t focus on rapid growth, but on sustainable growth and revenues instead. Take the time to find the right solutions for your customers and your company will grow beyond your expectations.


    If you incorporate these five tips into your talent acquisition strategy, you will be surprised at how efficient your recruitment efforts become. In a global fight for top talent, it is the business builders with the strongest recruitment strategy who will win the battle. Focus on getting multiple components of your recruitment plan right and the pieces of your talent puzzle will naturally fall into place.






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