5 Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value

Looking to sell your home and get the most money for it in the process? Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to increase the value of your home, some simple, some more complicated and time-consuming. If you know to focus on, though, you can get a wonderful return of your investment down the line.

Here are 5 ways to increase your home’s value, regardless of your time and budget.

Paint, Paint Everywhere

Not surprisingly, a fresh coat of paint is one way to up the value of your home. Freshly painted rooms with modern colors look clean and up-to-date, and that is important during price appraisal. When you are selecting colors for indoors, always go for neutrals , since they can be easily painted over and appeal to a wide range of people. Keep in mind that the average gallon of paint can cost anywhere between $25-$50 or more, depending on the quality. You also have to factor in the cost of supplies, like painter’s tape and rollers.

Low Maintenance Landscaping

Did you know that shade trees increase your home’s value? Since properly placed shade trees can decrease cooling costs by as much as 40-percent, more and more people are looking for houses with plenty of foliage for the summer. It also pays to think about a greener future. Shrubbery and flowers not only look pretty, but they increase curbside appeal. Depending on where you live, you should get native plants that are resistant to drought and will grow for many years, since this not only cuts down on maintenance but helps prevent invasive species for spreading.

Update For Energy-Efficiency

Everyone wants a home that is energy-efficient. Smalls changes add up, too. For example, if you replace that wobbly old fan that squeaks a lot with a more energy-efficient and quiet model, not only do you benefit personally, but that increases the value of your home, too. Other energy-efficient changes include swapping old water heaters for updated tankless models, updating kitchen appliances to those with Energy Star labels, or adding a whole-house fan in lieu of an air conditioning unit.

Replace Carpets and Rugs

Chances are you have rugs and carpets that have seen better days. Nothing upsets potential buyers more than soft flooring that is unclean and threadbare. If that sounds like your carpeting, you need to go out and replace it or remove it. Hardwood floors are much more visually appealing.

Look To The Ceiling

The ceiling gets ignored a lot during improvements, and it really shouldn’t. The ceiling usually makes up a sixth of the space in a room, and it has an important job. First, if your house has popcorn ceilings, you should hire a contractor to scrape off the bumps. Smooth ceilings are much more acceptable and will increase the value of your home exponentially. Next, add features that add interest, such as crown molding, skylights, millwork, or box beams. These small touches can truly make your home appealing to all who enter.

Now that you know some ways to improve your home and increase its value, you need to start planning! What tasks are you going to complete first? Did we miss any projects that you know could increase value? Please share!


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