5 Must-Have Tools for Your Tablet

It is obvious, that all of us being technology bond slaves, need specific tools or apps to get our jobs done. You might have heard about QuickBooks for accounting and invoicing, Microsoft Visual Studio for developing computer programs, Scrivener for writing a book, or AutoCAD for creating 2D or 3D designs. But other than that, there’s a vast range of apps that can help the tab/tablets owner with anything. Useful tools help them to be more productive at work, home, or even while traveling. Calendar apps and to-do apps, for example, help them to keep on their task. Automation tools make your device do more work for you in the background. Thus, I have mentioned here a few tools for your tablet:


This app allows the users to handwrite the notes, add images, draw diagrams, draw charts, and work on tables. OneNote works best for the tabs with an active pen, but it is not compulsory, you can also get good results on a capacitive screen. And for that, you have to make certain of good touch resolution like the Iconia Tab. OneNote tends to record audio that’s time-synced to your notes, clip info from web pages, and also attempt to sync to other PCs flawlessly. If you are actually considering to get some work done on your tablet/tab, I would suggest you go for OneNote app. It is one of the best tool available online and free.


No. 2 on my list comes the Flickr app. There are a lot of amazing pictures available on Flickr. This app is the new touch-friendly. I won’t be wrong here to mention that Flickr is a great way to explore the beautiful images and amazing photoshoots. And what else? It’s a nice way for showing your people and people your own photos too. This app works really easily and quickly. All you have to swipe through the recent activities like photos you’ve commented on, photos from your friends, your photo stream, and much more. One of the favorite feature that I like about Flickr is that; a smart and interesting way to include or explore photos near where you are if you’re looking for some quick inspiration. Everything has been designed elegantly for swiping and tapping. Like you get to experience in the matching Windows Phone 7 app.

Soda PDF

Lastly, on my list, comes my favorite software tool. This is best-suited to help users with all of their portable document formatting needs. This tool is available online and free of cost. It is meant to serve the needs of students, professionals, business personnel, etc. It is a reliable PDF software that you can use from anyplace, at any time, and with any operating device. You get to use that home and on the go. This comes with many interesting benefits and features. You can freely download that on your tablet or you can directly use that free in web browser. The choice is totally yours. Now join the current online PDF revolution and find functional PDF solutions to satisfy your document needs. Discover more about soda pdf.


If you are someone like me who has the habit of storing of so much important documents in your tab or tablet, then you must take some security measures to increase the safety of them. For instance, most of the time I would like to store some office documents or other important files in a tab for a backup. So if I can’t find any of my file in the email history or in the laptop, I am able to quickly access a file in tab. For that, you would need a screensaver that you can’t accidentally unlock like by brushing or cleaning the screen as you carry your tablet. Thus it is suggested you must take advantage of SlideToUnlock tool. Interestingly, not only you can unlock the tab screen by deliberately swiping across, but also you get to showcase your own photos or images from your favorite Flickr user and any other random wallpaper.

Sticky Notes App

This tool has the free usage for all the users with any operating device. All day long, you may have experienced that you often come across information, knowledgeable material, and any other random though or point. It can be your need to pin down–a phone number, an offer code, your takeout order details. That’s where the Sticky Notes come in rescue the human beings for small complicated tasks. The reminders for notes are also available-they have a date and time or maps for addresses you add to a note. The tool also supports handwriting, typing, drawing important points, and saving a video or an audio clip. I would say it’s like a digital scratchpad that’s very brainy, and simple or easy to use.


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