4 Ways to Care of Your Fake Diamond Rings

Let’s face it— diamonds will forever be a girl’s best friend. No woman can ever resist or say no to a shiny diamond ring because it defines luxury, represents indulgence, and screams class like no other rock. However, real diamond rings come with a high price tag. 

Also, they attract the wrong kind of attention and can easily make you the target of a robbery. Luckily, you can still enjoy all the perks of a real diamond and at a pocket-friendly price thanks to fake diamond ring. But how will you keep them sparkling and beautiful all through? Try out the tips below

  1. Take Your Ring Off Whenever Necessary

To the naked eye, fake diamond rings are virtually indistinguishable. They boast the flair and allure of real diamond rings — and are the perfect accessory for that dinner date with your new lover or when you want to make your gal pals envious. However, it’s important to remember they don’t have the hardness of real diamonds and can get dirty real fast. Therefore, only wear them when necessary and remove them when going about your daily chores, such as doing laundry, bathing, and gardening.

Also, avoid using lotion, hairspray, putting on makeup, or coming into contact with similar chemicals when wearing them. Such chemicals tend to leave a residue behind, causing your beautiful ring to lose its shine. Therefore, if possible, always wear your rings last after you’re done with your morning or beauty routine. Also, avoid swimming with it on as the chlorine might cause degradation.

  1. Avoid Hard Knocks

Even though fake diamonds are very hard, it can still fracture on the edges if hit hard enough. Try not to wear your fake diamond accessory when you know you’ll be in situations where it might be struck sharply. Therefore, if you’re a rock-climbing enthusiast, it would be wise to wear your ring once you conquer your rock climbing challenge. 

  1. Light Clean Each Week

Fake diamond rings require as much care as a real diamond. Therefore, clean them just like you would with a real diamond rock but use a soft brush. Create a cleaning solution using mild soap and water and gently scrub your rings until satisfied. Afterward, rinse the rings using warm water. Thoroughly rinse as leaving behind the soap creates a residue which, as mentioned earlier, causes the ring to lose its sparkle.

If you’re satisfied that you have cleaned and rinsed enough, use a clean, soft towel and gently pat it until dry. Do this at least once a week, and your fake rings will never lose their shine. 

  1. Properly Store them 

How you store your rings also determines how long they maintain their shine. On that note, make sure you store it in a clean, cool, and dry place. You could use a tiny zip-lock plastic bag or a tiny cloth bag with drawstring ties. Also, if possible, store each ring in its bag to prevent scratching against other items in your jewelry box.

Whether it was your engagement ring or you got it as a token of friendship from your childhood best friend, a fake diamond ring is a great way to enjoy the luxury, indulgence, and class that’s associated with real diamonds. But to keep it all sparkling, you have to go the extra mile by following the tips above.


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