27 Year Old Convict: Identified as Wendy William’s mystery lover

Marc Tomblin who is 27 years old has been identified as a convicted felon and also happens to be Wendy William’s mystery man.

Wendy William who is a day time talk show host was first seen with Marc Tomblin in Los Angeles. It was in Los Angeles that they met via a mutual friend named Black Chyna. Post they were photographed together in and around New York.

Marc Tomblin has been arrested on the account of theft with a dangerous weapon on hand. According to Bossip, he commits crimes with days of each other. It was in 2013 that he was first convicted.

Tomblin had previously served 15 months in jail, which is the minimum amount one serves for two convictions. He was released in 2014 and went on probation.

According to Marc’s LinkedIn profile, he is a financial investor and blogger.

Wendy Williams, 54, apparently is aware of Tomblin’s past. She even confessed to TMZ that her assistant tried to warn her about the same. Her response to knowing of Tomblin’s troubled past was, “ I am a 54-year-old grown ass woman. I know what I am doing”.

Wendy Williams – What She Thinks Of Her Ex-Husband, is of the opinion that she is allowed to have fun with whoever she wants, especially a younger man as her husband apparently had an affair with Sharina Hudson who is rumoured to be pregnant.

Wendy Williams- What she thinks of her ex-husband is that if he could have a 15-year-old affair with another woman, she certainly deserves to have fun.

She told TMZ that it is time that she lived her life.

She claims that the relationship she shares with Marc Tomblin is one with no strings attached and is nothing serious, nor does she consider him as her boyfriend.

It was on Monday, June 10 that Willams posted a picture of her and Tomblin for the first time ever on Instagram. The picture was of them holding hands in Sherman Oaks while they were hanging out near a swimming pool.

The caption of her Instagram post with Tomblin read, “Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people. Thank you, California! You’ve won me over!”

Wendy Williams who was married to Kevin Hunter for 21 years, filed for divorce on April 10. They even had one son together who is now 18 years old.

Williams has been living in a sober house as she was previously addicted to cocaine.

After Wendy Williams parted ways with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter, she has been open about her love life and dating life on her own talk show. She said she has been rediscovering her love for men.

She said she does not have a boyfriend but she admitted to going on dates quite often.


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