10 Anne Hathaway Movies That You Shouldn’t Miss

Speaking about one of the finest actresses will inevitably bring Anne Hathaway straight into the limelight. She is one of the gorgeous actresses who had a difficult transition in her film career. Over the course of time, we have seen some spectacular performances of her.

Her acting skill is truly mesmerizing and has given a series of hit films to the Hollywood industry. So, let us jump into the article and discover her many enchanting films one after another.

The Princess Diaries

In this movie, her role of Mia Thermopolis is a treat to watch. Here, she incidentally finds that she is the heir evident to the throne of Genovia. This film is definitely a must watch film, which has some stunning graphics and acting, par excellence.

Brokeback Mountain

For modern drama lovers, Brokeback Mountain is an absolute thriller. This film is about the two cowboys where Anne Hathaway’s role is the most crucial one. She must confront a relationship with Jack Twist and that is where the whole story revolves.

The Devil Wears Panda

All of us know the excitement we get in seeing devil films. Well, in this film, she took the role of Andy Sachs who is a student and has done journalism. Further, she lands up for a job of million girls where they can die for an assistant to Miranda Priestly.

Becoming Jane

If you are a fanatic of old charm and romance, then this film is inevitably a must watch one. Here Anne did the role of a famous British Author, Jane Austen. Also, the story revolves around her career and even her relationship with an Irish Lawyer is a pleasing one.

Rachel Getting Married

Hatchway was among the names of the Oscar Awards for her spectacular role as Kym. In that role, Kym was a drug addict who was given leave from rehab. After rehab, she was given permission to attend her sister’s wedding and her journey starts thereafter.

Les Miserables

This movie truly defines Anna Hathaway as a brilliant actress. Here, she was a Fantine and mother of Cosette. This film shows the plot of 19th Century France and has an amazing star cast.

Alice in Wonderland

This is surely an adventure film for kids and is based on the fantasy book series. This film is based on 1865 Lewis Carroll’s book, where Anne was in the role of a white queen. Also, she was the ruler of the kingdom.

The Dark Night Rises

Here, she was in the role of Selina who is a cat woman. Her performance as dark, sexy and bold women in this film was beyond anybody’s expectations, for sure.

Love and Other Drugs

This is a romantic comedy which portrays Anne Hathaway as Maggie. Here she is a beautiful and an independent free spirit who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


Her role as a Dr. Amelia Brand did utmost justice to the movie. In this movie, a troop of astronauts bypasses a wormhole, where they are in search of their new home. Altogether, for Sci-Fi fanatics, Interstellar will surely be a show stealer.

So, here are the top 10 Anne Hathaway movies you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Go watch them if you have not done it yet!


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