Fantasy Football – Basic Introduction for Beginners playing at 11Wickets

Realizing the money-making potential of thegame, more people are getting interested in fantasy sports. Since dailyonline football games bear a striking similarity to other onlinegames, a successful fantasy player is also a successful game player. 

Playing Online Soccer 

Here are a few tips to help players play fantasy football successfully. 

Study the Statistics – Fantasy football is associated with a load of statistics. Expert fantasy players, therefore, urge newcomers to take the help of databases. Plenty of information is available at fantasy gaming websites and new players can always use this information to make the right decision. 

Books have also been written on the subject. For example, Michael Lewis has written a book called Moneyball, which is based on the success of Bill James and Billy Beane. These two players were very successful because they used a system of interpretation based on numbers and always made objective decisions based on hard facts. 

Playing online soccer is a lot like a game, in which successful players make informed decisions and the amateur ones rely on instinct and guess work. 

Read the News – Players who want to be successful at fantasy games must make it a point to read the football news and stay updated. While online football winners usually read a lot of news, the losers hardly bother to stay updated. The most important football news is that related to starting line-ups, suspensions, and injuries. We at give you the latest sports news in a bid to help you stay updated on the latest happenings in the sports world. 

Choose a Good Fantasy Website – The online gaming website for football one plays at, goes a long way in helping one to win at the online team making and game. The best football game websites such as is loaded with features that help players understand the secrets of fantasy soccer better. At 11wickets the players are provided with excellent contests and guides, which assist players greatly in building the winning team. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy games! 


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