Weekly Horoscope

A horoscope is a chart which represents the position of all the astrological aspects, sun, moon, planets etc. Usually, it refers to the interpretation of an astrologer which is based on a system of solar sun sign astrology. Newspaper and magazines also carry some columns of predictive astrologers which are written in prose.

The methods which are used to make predictions are named as pseudo-scientific. In the horoscope, there are four primary angles which are given below:

  1. Ascendant or first house.
  2. Midheaven or medium Coeli or tenth house.
  3. Descendant or seventh house.
  4. Imum Coeli or fourth house.

Now let’s talk about the weekly horoscope of all the zodiacs. Let’s find out, how the week is paid out for you.

Aries: (March 21–April 20)


As the mercury starts to move in direct motion, this is a good sign for you. You shall see progress on the career. Your activities of routine may bring some trouble for you and at that time you shall manage to handle them properly. In the middle of the week, you are bound to feel cheerful and optimistic. There is another thing that makes you smile i.e. financial stability. There are chances to get into a relationship with an old friend whom you may like secretly.

Taurus: (April 21–May 21)


Mercury becomes direct in motion. This will be a relieving change for you. Your progressive work shall also work effectively. Two planets may keep you in trouble. You need to make efforts and to be patient till it comes in your favor. You may get positive responses because your luck is in your favor. In creative activities, strong venus will also support you. With all this, also take a good care of your health.

Gemini: (May 22–June 21)


Your partner may not be in a good mood if we talk about your marriage. The ruler of your sign i.e. mercury is direct in motion and this gives you a good and progressive career front. The two major planets shall throw a spanner in your work. You have to do more efforts at this time. Stand and fight for the little battles. In the form of money, there will be little happiness. Eat healthily and take a good care of your health. Eat fibrous food and don’t miss your daily walks.

Cancer: (June 22–July 22)


In your business, there will be positive developments because mercury is direct in motion. This is the ideal time to launch your new product. Be alert for the date of delivering an order because the two planets shall affect this. You are advised to be very careful about your health.

Leo: (July 23–August 23)


Your partner shall reciprocate your feelings. The planet associated with love i.e. Venus is in your favor. But still, then you might feel that you are not able to enjoy the moments. Push your career and life in general as mercury is now moving in the direct motion. Do not hurry up for the things.

Virgo: (August 24–September 22)


There is a good indication of cosmic because mercury became direct in motion and it is the ruler of your sign. Progress comes but still, you get troubled in your work relationship. You may make your matters tough because when you get irritated you lose your cool. Ingles have no time for love.

Libra: (September 23–October 23)


The combined influence of Saturn and mars may trouble you in the home. Someone’s remarks may hurt you but it would be better if you don’t reply with the same force and reaction. There will be challenges at work.

Scorpio: (October 24–November 22)


You will be optimistic. Travel may be in your mind. Before taking any action, find balance and certainly weigh your options. You can also start your family by having kids. Jupiter blesses you. You get good results in your education.

Sagittarius: (November 23–December 21)


There may be an issue from your past. Work makes you quite busy. You may hardly have time for love and party. Take care of your health.

Capricorn: (December 22–January 20)


You shall make great progress and stars are in your favor. Motivate yourself to do better. You will enjoy the company of your loved ones. Take good care of yourself. Unexpected illness or even an injury cannot be ruled out.

Aquarius: (January 21–February 18)


Mercury is direct in motion which helps you move ahead in your career. You might get surprised. No need to panic. You shall enjoy a position of financial stability. Work out in order to stay fit.

Pisces: (February 19 – March 20)


Don’t let the success you achieve to go to your head. Be polite and amiable. Be alert when you drive or walk along the roads. You will feel better about your feelings and desires.

This is all about weekly horoscope of all the zodiacs.


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