Vietnamese teenager gets electrocuted in sleep by broken iPhone cable, dies

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This is one of the most unfortunate deaths we have come across with lifestyle habits responsible for it! A young Vietnamese girl is said to have been electrocuted in sleep by a broken iPhone cable causing her death.

Modern gadgets including smartphones have taken over our lives. During the day we use them heavily, and at night put them in charging to ensure it has enough juice to carry on through the next day. This habit has caused many to extend the charging hours of their smartphones by hours as they just keep the phone in charging all night and doze off.

Companies have now and again warned consumers not to do this, but there is a minority of people who heed to this advice. Not heeding to such a warning, a 14-year-old schoolgirl Le Thi Xoan in Vietnam reportedly dozed off while leaving her iPhone in charging. If this wasn’t it, the cable is said to have been broken because of which the girl is said to have got electrocuted and died.

According to preliminary reports, investigators believe that Xoan would most likely have plugged her iPhone 6 and lay on her bed as per her habit every night. They found a burnt white cable with a slight tear in the rubber casing, which left several live wires exposed. The cable also had visible tears on it, which may have electrocuted her with the current, investigators suggest. Upon close examination, investigators also found a see-through tape wrapped around the wire’s faulty area, which suggests that Xoan was aware of the tear, but opted to continue using it.

Police have said that the iPhone charging cable was shorter than the Apple’s original 0.5-meter (20-inch) charging device. Officials were checking if it was indeed an original Apple wire or a third-party device.

While the death is definitely an unfortunate one, it isn’t the first time that a notorious iPhone cable has put someone’s life at risk. A driver in Singapore blamed his tangled iPhone cable for causing a massive car crash. The November 2016 incident resulted with no civilian casualties.


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