Top 5 Good TV Shows To Watch In United States Of America

TV Shows to Watch

The TV shows are a part of human life which entertain us as well as show us some interesting facts. Several TV shows come and go but some of them create the history through their stories and screenplays. If we talk about the USA, there are many good shows to watch on TV which can really surprise us and can teach us too.

Here Is The List Of All The Good TV Shows To Watch 


Game of Thrones

1. Game Of Thrones 

‘Game of Thrones’ is the most popular TV show not only in the USA but all around the world and is liked by many people. This TV show was first premiered in 2011 on HBO channel and received a very good and positive response from the viewers. This TV show is about some royal families who want to arrogate the Iron Throne so as to become more powerful and can control the seven kingdoms. While all these royal families are battling each other to gain the possession of the throne, an army of the dead people and White Walkers waylay beyond the huge wall in the North. This TV show is one of the good TV shows to watch in the whole world.


The Americans

2. The Americans

‘The Americans” is a TV series that was first released in 2013 on FX channel. It is a good TV show to watch as it has a very good story background and is liked and viewed by millions of people across the USA. This TV series portraits two Russian Spies, during the cold war, who reside in Washington DC as Americans so as to spy on the Government of USA. These two Russian spies are a married couple who has kids too. It is really one of the great shows to watch in your life.



3. Atlanta

‘Atlanta’ is a very famous comedy TV show in the USA and is one of the top TV shows to watch. The story of this show highlights the city of Atlanta which is a place to build the career of young rappers. Of all the artists is a new artist having the name Alfred Miles who tries to understand the real life of an artist. This TV show is considered as one of the topmost and good TV shows to watch across the world as it shows the reality of new artists who want to make their names and the situations they go through. This TV show was the first release in 2016 and earned a huge popularity and is really one of the good shows to watch.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace

4. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace’ is a new show which was premiered in March 2018 and one of the top shows to watch. In a very short period of time, this show got praised by the citizens of the USA who has viewed its episodes. It is a crime story based on true incidents and is the second season of the TV series American Crime Story. This show has very interesting facts and is really entertaining. It has become one of the good shows to watch on TV in the USA.



5. Flash

The ‘Flash’ TV series is based on a fictional story and liked by many peoples especially the young generation. Flash is one of the best TV shows to watch. This show was first premiered in 2014 and till then it has released four seasons of the TV show. In this series, a forensic scientist, Barry Allen is struck by lightning and loses his consciousness for 9 months. When he wakes up, he gets to know that he is able to make high speeds. This TV show is worth watching and its all seasons are considered as the good TV shows to watch in the USA as well as in the whole world.

Thus, they are the names of the most popular and good shows to watch in the USA. You should watch these TV shows once in your life as some of their scenes are so mesmerizing and heart touching that you can not imagine even in your dreams.


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