Meteorite footage from ISS sparks UFO debate [Video]

ISS footage at center of meteor or alien spaceship debate [Video]

Conspiracy theorists just can’t appreciate the fact that a video captured from International Space Station (ISS) can just be showing a stunning meteorite, but instead they want to spark a controversy of UFOs and aliens.

The European Space Agency (ESA) released a time-lapse video taken by an astronaut on board the ISS on 5 November around 22:33 GMT. The video shows what appears to be a “fireball” entering the earth’s atmosphere and that’s most likely a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere. The video captured by astronaut Paolo Nespoli was posted on November 16.

The video caught a bright meteor falling to Earth off the coast of South Africa. Catching a glimpse of a shooting star from space is rare and the astronaut was definitely excited considering he managed to capture

According to Detlef Koschny, who studies meteors and their kin, said in a statement that the object is definitely a meteorite. It is not a piece of space junk falling into Earth’s atmosphere as it’s not coming in at the right sort of angle. Further, from the video it also seems that the object has a sort of little tail and that sits right with how a meteor would behave once it enters Earth’s atmosphere.

Rüdiger Jehn, a second ESA meteor scientist, was also able to calculate the speed at which the fireball fell to Earth, at almost 90,000 miles per hour or 25 miles per second, twice as fast as the typical speed of these things.

Conspiracy theorists get to work

Taking this opportunity to sound their horns, conspiracy theorists got to work and released a number videos and articles claiming that the video doesn’t show a meteorite, but it is something else.

Tyler Glockner is one such conspiracy theorists who believes it is not a meteorite at all because the video is a time lapse video and that a meteorite would have burnt much quickly and wouldn’t have been visible in the footage at all. Instead the object is a stubby one with discharge at its rear suggesting that it is either a spaceship part of some secret government project, or it is a UFO with aliens at its helm.

“It does look to be moving at 85mph. But when you account how fast the earth would have actually been moving, had this not been sped up, it would have been moving much, much slower. Speeds that are slower than even the slowest meterorites”, he said.


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