Sacred Games: The Latest Must-Watch Crime Saga On Netflix

Sacred Games

Netflix and chill seem to be the buzzword for the gen-y today. And anyone and everyone who is hooked on to Netflix is raving about only one show these days: The Sacred Games. The show is all set to take the world by storm. The TV series is based on the thriller novel of the same name by the author Vikram Chandra written in 2006. The series has been produced by Phantom Films and the adoption for the TV version has been done by Vasant Nath, Smita Singh, and Varun Grover. Each episode is eight hour long and it is being directed by Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap. The major work for the series was completed around 28 January 2018 and the first eight episodes.

The Premise

This show is among Netflix new releases and it is set against the backdrop of the city of Mumbai. The story of a Sacred Games is about a skeptical police officer who comes across a notorious crime boss in the city through an anonymous tip. The character of police inspector Sartaj Singh has been played by Saif Ali Khan. He is a deeply perturbed inspector who tries to seek validation from the same police force that he loathes for its rampant corruption. He has lived under the shadow of his deceased father, who was one of the legends in the police force, all of his life.

His dreary existence takes a turn when he receives an anonymous phone call about the location of Ganesh Gaitonde (played brilliantly by Nawazuddin Siddiqui), an infamous crime lord who has been undercover for over sixteen years. What ensures through this is a chain of events that take Sartaj deep into the dark side of the country’s underworld. It is revealed that Sartaj’s ties with Ganesh go way back into his shadowed past. All through this wild chase, Ganesh keeps on sending cryptic warnings to the officer. He needs to stop Ganesh before the city faces the ramifications of his ploy of destruction.


controversies with Sacred Games

The Acclaim And Controversies With Sacred Games

The new Netflix series has gained massive popularity and the ratings bear testimonial to that. Rotten Tomatoes has a whopping 91% rating for the show with an average of 7.3 given out of 10 by the viewers. The critics have lauded the performances and the plot that slowly builds up to a crescendo. You feel the gravity of the situation from the very first scene but you realize the depth of it as the story progresses and therein lay its USP.

However, the road to fame has not all been smooth sailing for the Sacred Games. Several complaints were lodged against the series for its comments on the late Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. Several political parties were infuriated by certain scenes and dialogues shown in the TV series. regardless of all the controversies, the show has emerged as one of the highest rated and most watched shows on Netflix recently.

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