NAV Canada reports lower number of women as air traffic controllers


NAV Canada has revealed that there is lack of women as air traffic controllers highlighting the huge gender disparity in the job.

Managers at NAV Canada are responsible for safe takeoffs and landings of aircraft at airports. The busiest airports in Canada have very few women air traffic controllers. For example, in Montreal, according to Nav Canada, less than 25% of workers in this field people are women.

According to the company there are clueless why women don’t express interest in a profession that paid a six-figure sum and requires only secondary education. The company is trying to rectify the situation by launching the Elevate network, functioning with the help of volunteers that promotes the aviation profession among women.

Assil Bedewi is one of the air traffic controllers for Nav Canada and she is responsible for safety of dozens of ircraft that criss-cross her screen as they take off or come in for landing.

The 34-year-old is thriving in her job that’s regularly described as one of the world’s most stressful, she remains a minority in a field that’s largely still dominated by men.

Bedewi says she doesn’t know why more women aren’t flocking to a job that often pays six figures and only requires a high-school education, other than to assume they don’t know about it.


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