MICHAEL JACKSON : The Greatest Entertainer Of All Time

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was an American singer and a superstar. He was also a songwriter and a dancer. During the year of his death, he was the best-selling music artist and was one of the most popular entertainers in the world. In popular culture, his dance, fashion, music and his publicized personal life made him a global figure. He was the eighth child of the Jackson family. Jackson sang from his childhood and as the time passed, his voice and vocal style changed. Between the year 1971 and 1975, his voice changed from a boy high tenor. He first used the vocal hiccup technique. Forcefully, this can be seen in his album “Shake Your Body”. He didn’t use this technique from the song “it’s too late to change the time” to his 5th album “get it together”.

Michael Jackson Early Life & Career

He made his professional debut with his big brother Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon in 1964 as a member of Jackson 5. He started his solo career in 1971. And in 1980, he became a dominant figure in the popular music. He continued to innovate his videos throughout the 1990s. Through stage and video performances, he popularised a number of tough and amazing dance techniques and gave these techniques a name, such as a robot and a moonwalk. His sound and style have influenced various music genres, numerous artist.

Early Life & Career

His best-selling album of all the time was Thriller. The sales of this thriller album were more than 66 million copies across the world. Some of his other albums also ranked up in the world like Bad, Dangerous, History and Off the Wall. His off the wall was ranked up in the year 1979, another album bad was ranked up in 1987, and the dangerous album was ranked up in the year 1991 and his history album was ranked up in the year 1995.

Popularity And Awards Of Michael Jackson

His other achievements contain multiple Guinness world records which include most successful entertainer person of the world. He won 13 Grammy awards and these awards are like Grammy Legend Award, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He won 24 American Music Awards, more than any other artist and these awards are like Artist of the Century. During his solo career, he won 13 number one singles awards in the United States and they are more than any male artist and his sales are over 350 million records across the whole world. Jackson has been called the king of music videos. All observed that how Jackson transformed the music video into an art form by using complex story lines, dance routines and special effects.

most grammy won

Michael Jackson won hundreds of awards which made him the most awarded recording in the history of the popular music. In 1990, his album “leave me alone” won a Grammy Award for Best Music Video”.  In history, he was the first artist who has a top ten single in the Billboard hot 100. He is also remembered for his pioneering effects in charitable in the industry of entertainment. He traveled the world by attending the events in which he was honored.

Here Are Some Songs And Albums Which Are Sung By Michael Jackson:

  • 2 Bad
  • Invincible
  • A place with no name


  • 2300 Jackson street
  • A brand new day
  • Got to be there
  • Bad 25
  • All the things you are
  • Another part of me
  • Baby be min
  • Bad

Bad Michael Jackson

  • Be a lion
  • Behind the mask
  • Beautiful girl
  • Black or white
  • Blood on the dance floor
  • Call on me
  • Breaking news
  • Thriller


These are some of the songs of Michael Jackson. Since he passed away, the sale of his music albums crossed 35 million globally and more than 8 million was from the USA alone. This made him the best-selling album artist of 2009 and in history, he became the first artist who got one million downloads in one week. In the music downloaded history with 2.6 million download of his songs, which is a record-breaking moment and an astonishing figure. His three albums sold more than any new song. And these albums are “Thriller”, “number ones” and “The Essential Michael Jackson”. In history, Jackson also became the first artist who has four of the top 20 best-selling albums in a single year in the United States.

Michael Jackson has been a legend and his music will remain popular for many upcoming generations.

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