Kamasutra – The Best Sex Positions Of Kamasutra For Good Health

KamaSutra Sex

There is a special identity of ‘Kamasutra’ in the whole world. Kamasutra has discussed 64 positions of sex. The number 64 is very much in itself. And clearly, the mussels have to move in many ways while adopting these pauses. You can try all these pauses at any time. The discussion of Sex Positions of Kamasutra for good health has become a trend.

What is Kamasutra – The Ultimate Journey to a World of Fantasy

Most of the people don’t know that What is Kamasutra? It is an ancient Indian treatise made by sage Vatsyayana about the sex and intercourse. This book does not only provide information about sexual life, but it also tells about all the important aspects and duties of relationships between men and women, besides sexual acts

Technically it is said that sex is a magical and interesting action where two people are in special positions and provoke each other like the law of gravity. In the Kamasutra Sex Positions, fast movement of muscles and fast breathing continues until the fluid is exchanged. It is sufficient enough for you to explain that What is KamaSutra?

Some Of The Best Kamasutra Sex Positions Which Are Good For Health:

1. The Eagle Style:

The Eagle Style

If you both are troubled by obesity, then adopt it. She lay down on her back and turn her knees toward her stomach. The man stands in between his legs and lifts her legs up during penetration. This position looks like an eagle, that is why it is named as the eagle style. This position makes the intercourse very easy and also helps the couple to improve their health.

2. The Doggy style:

The Doggy Style

Similarly, the Doggy Style will be a good position which will be better for both of the partners if they both are fat. Here, the girl partner bends herself and stand like a bitch. While the male partner stands behind her like a dog and does the penetration. This sex position needs efforts and uses some energy. Thus, beneficial for health.

3. The Butterfly Style:

The Butterfly Style

One of the best sex positions for the good health is butterfly style. Here, the male partner will lay down his partner on the bed or table, and he will come to the edge of it. Raise and lean the female partner’s leg towards the roof. This position is called the Butterfly Position.

4. The Reverse Cowgirl Style:

The Reverse Cowgirl Style

This style is the best choice when any one of the Partner is overweight while another one has a normal weight. Here, the male partner lies down on his back and bend his knees upward to a little. While the female partner sits on her stomach facing him back doing the penetration. It is just like riding a horse and we call this position the ‘reverse cowgirl’.

5. The Spoon Style:

The Spoon Style

If there is a height difference between the two of you, the spoon position will be best. You should have understood through the name of spoon position, that in the same way, two spoons fit in each other, so in this position men and women get fit in each other in the same way. The woman is on the front and hangs on the left or right side, while the man lies in the same way behind her. This position is best for any body type.

This sex position has one more benefit that it improves the health of a pregnant woman as well as decreases the pain that she will suffer while giving birth to a child. And is considered the Kamasutra Best Positions in the world.

6. The Rider Style:

The Rider Style

The Rider sex style is similar to the Reverse Cowgirl style, where the male partner lies down on his back and the female partner straddles on him on his belly doing the penetration. But here, the male partner’s legs are in the straight position on the bed and then the female partner leans forward. Then the female partner slides herself up and down for the intercourse while balancing herself on her knees and his legs. In this position, the male partner can control the intercourse by holding the waist of the female partner.

However, the overall thing is so much that you have a big bed on your bed with your sex partner. There are no special rules for the beds. More important than the rule in it is how much love is between the two. Thus, these are some Kamasutra Best Positions that will improve the health of the couple.


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