All The Answers You Need In The Diet Coke Vs. Regular Coke Debate

Diet Coke Vs Regular Coke

One of the most prevalent queries on the internet is whether the diet coke actually has any benefits over the regular variants of the beverage. There is so much debate and confusion regarding the matter. There is one group of people who believe that since sugar is bad for health and diet coke is free from sugar, it is naturally a better option. The other group is a firm believer that any coke is bad for health, be it the diet version or otherwise.


The Idea Of Diet Coke Making You Fat

The fact is that the question of is diet coke bad for you has a simple answer that diet coke does not directly make you fat. The key to losing weight is that you have to burn more calories than what you intake and in that way, diet coke do not actually cause weight gain. If you have a habit of regularly consuming diet coke, it will make you consume significantly less calories each day than regular as it is sugar less. In terms of how many calories in diet coke, it can result in the consumption of over thousands calorie less per week when compared to regular coke, if you have a bottle each day.

That also answers the widely heard question of how much sugar in diet coke. It does have artificial sweeteners and but that is no more harmful than regular sugar that you consume. The secretion of insulin will be as much with artificial sweeteners as it is with regular sugar.


The Way Diet Coke Can Add To Weight Gain

Diet coke might not directly lead to weight gain but that does not been that it is an innocent bystander. People who have diet coke think that they are consuming fewer calories and in that bid, they end up having more amount of diet coke. It is almost like making a gluten-free diet consist of gluten-free pizzas, cookies, pasta, and muffin! Diet code and other such zero-calorie beverages make people underestimate the amount that they are consuming and that gives a false sense of assuredness and health security.


how much caffeine in diet coke

The Caffeine Content And Its Affects

The caffeine content in diet coke also gives it a bad rep. A Diet coke can of 12 ounces has 47 milligrams of caffeine and that is the answer to how much caffeine in diet coke. But if you are someone who drinks many cans in a day, or if you are highly sensitive to caffeine, too much of diet coke can cause dizziness, increased pace of heart, shakiness, anxiety, headaches, and insomnia. Caffeine is also not good for people taking regular supplements and medications. No matter whether you have too much coffee or diet coke, Caffeine remains highly addictive. The more you will have of it, the more you will crave.

Just like in case of the consumption of any other beverages, moderation is the key when it comes to diet coke. You can have diet coke over regular ones but never have too much of it.


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