Grammy Awards

Grammy awards is originally named as Gramophone Award. It is an award which is presented by the Academy of recording to recognize the achievements in the industry of music. This award is given in the ceremony with some performances given by the artists and the presentation of those awards who are more interested. In the ceremony, recognition of the music industry is shared and it is the way of giving regards to the singers who not only gave entertainment with their amazing music but also took the music to a new level.

Grammy Awards History

The first ceremony of Grammy was held on 4 May in 1959 in Beverly Hills, California at Hotel Beverly Hilton and Hotel Park Sheraton in the city New York, to honor and respect the best performance of the music for the year 1958. The second Grammy awards also held in 1959. It was the first ceremony which was shown on television but it was not live till the 13th annual Grammy awards in 1971. Now the Grammy award will be held in Los Angeles at the staples center on February in which the artists who achieve these awards are from October 2017 to September 2018.

The trophies of the ceremony are gold plated. The trophies are not engraved with the recipient’s name on them so these are reused each year for the broadcast. By February 2009, total no. of awarded trophies are 7578, which is quite astonishing.

Categories of Grammy Awards

There are four types of the award given to the performers which are given below:

  • Record of the Year: This award is given to the production team and the performer of a single song other than the performer.
  • Album of the year: This award is given to the production team and the performer of a full album other than the performer.
  • Song of the year: This award is given to the writer of the song.
  • Best new artist: This award is given to the performer who releases during the eligibility of the year.

There are only two persons who have won all four awards:

  • Christopher Cross: He won all the four awards in 1980
  • Adele: She won the best new artist award in 2009 and the other three awards in 2012 and 2017.

Grammy’s Most Awarded List

There are ultimate artists who get many awards which are given below:

  • Sir George Solti is the artist who wins the award in Grammy award. These awards are 31.

  • Alison Krauss is the biggest winner among the females of Grammy awards. She has 27 awards.

Alison Krauss

  • Pierre Boulez has got 26 Grammy awards

Pierre Boulez

  • Vladimir Horowitz and Stevie Wonder have won 25 Grammy awards

Vladimir Horowitz and Stevie Wonder

  • John Williams has won 24 Grammy awards

John Williams

  • U2 holds the record for most awards won by a group. There are total 22 Grammy awards.


  • Chick Corea and Beyonce have got 22 Grammy awards

Chick Corea and Beyonce

  • Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Vince Gill has got 21 Grammy awards each

Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Vince Gill

  • Henry Mancini, Pat Metheny, Bruce Springsteen and Al Schmitt wins 20 Grammy awards.

 Henry Mancini, Pat Metheny, Bruce Springsteen and Al Schmitt

These are the Grammy’s most awarded lists. The Peasall Sisters are the youngest winner of Grammy awards. They won the award for their album in 2002. She was 7 years ago when she won the award and when she won her two awards then she was just 14 years old in 1997. She was also the first country artist who won the best new artist award in the Grammy award ceremony. The oldest person who won the Grammy award was Pinetop Perkins. He was 97 years old when he won the award, in 2011.

Grammy awards are the most special awards and every artist who is contributing to the music industry has a dream to win it at least once in the life.



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