Friendship Day Celebration – A Day That Unites All the Friends in the World


It is often mentioned that God has not given us the power to choose our parents or our relatives. They are destined for us. But there is something that we choose on our own and that is Friends. With our friends, we share a bond that is something that cannot be expressed in millions of words. Every one of us has a good or special friend or friends in their lives. Some friends are good and some are the best of friends whom we call friends for life. When two people share a special bond and can relate each and everything related to each other they are considered to be as friends. To celebrate such a special occasion, we have Friendship Day. The day is to be known as the best friends day. Every year this is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Friendship and special friends are the most important and valuable thing in life. There can be no other special relationship than friendship.

Having a true and loyal friend is a blessing in life. Every year this day is celebrated worldwide with joy and fun to celebrate and cherish the good moments of friendship. As friendship is a really sweet gift one can really have because in today’s time it is really harder to get some true and loyal friends who actually care about us. In this special best friends day friends celebrate their special bond and cherish their special friendship. People usually search many friendship day quotes in order to wish their friends and show their love and sweet gesture. On friendship day, friends usually exchange sweets cards and especially friendship bands in order to symbolize their special friendship and love.

Importance Of Friendship Day – Why It’s Important To Be There For Your Friend

A small gathering between friends is arranged to share the special and unforgettable moments of life. Nowadays friendship day is also being celebrated all over social media and now it has become a big trend to celebrate friendship day on social media by posting friendship day quotes, messages, pictures with friends and sharing old and precious memories. Also exchanging friendship bands has also become a trend or can say a ritual between friends in order to show their love and affection towards each other.


In order to encourage this celebration, many food restaurants and other outlets including shopping places also give special coupons and discount to the people who are interested in sending time and celebrating friendship day with their special friends. They indirectly promote their place and also encourage people to celebrate friendship day with their friends.

In early times friendship day was celebrated very casually but in today’s time, it is celebrated with joy and spirit by organizing parties, hanging out with friends, making funny and cute videos exchanging friendship bands, giving friendship day cards and many more exciting things. People have the energy and dedication to celebrate this best friends day and make it a memorable one.

This best friends day is celebrated all over World with joy and happiness, it is celebrated in schools, workplaces, hotels, restraints, malls and many more places that are possibly expected to handle this type of event.

Most of the people’s Social Media Handles are trending with latest and best friendship day quotes and awesome pictures with their friends. People also buy a bouquet for their friends to make their friends feel special and best, at this time friendship day has become very commercialized. Many restaurants also offer food discounts and do their indirect promotion and sales and also encourage people to celebrate friendship day.


In schools students make their friends wear the friendship band they make on their own or have specially bought for their friends. Making friendship bands on our own shows the amount of care and love we do for our friend. You can also send E greeting card to your friends on the occasion of friendship day as by changing the time the way to celebrate the best friends day is also changing.

Hundreds of unique friendship day quotes are released every friendship day so that the friends can wish each other. No matter the time changes or not the thing that will never change is the special bond that two friends share and the way they love and care for each other. So this friendship day, whosoever your friends are, whether you are in touch or not, whether its school friend, college friend, office friend, neighbourhood friend, virtual friend or any friend living in any part of the world, just call him/her and wish the best greetings of Friendship day and cherish your sweet moments.




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