Facebook to reintroduce facial recognition as an optional feature in EU

Facebook to reintroduce facial recognition as an optional feature

Reports have emerged that Facebook will be reintroducing its facial recognition feature and an optional one for its European users.

Facebook has reportedly reworked its facial recognition tech and the new technology will permit users to discover the pics of themselves on other profiles on the social network and as well as to get notifications when Facebook pages or users are uploading their pics on their profiles. The technology was banned by EU authorities six years ago.

According to reports, Facebook will be launching the feature as an option one for its EU users. “It’s been offered for quite some time in other parts of the world. It’s had a positive response. We believe these features are very valuable,” stated Rob Sherman, the deputy chief of privacy at Facebook.

Back in 2012, the facial recognition tech on Facebook was suspended following an order from the EU. Facebook agreed to suspend the option following an investigation by the Irish Privacy Authority. At the time was declared that Facebook has accepted to suspend the Facebook facial recognition functionality for the network’s European Union members.

The company has also agreed to work with the Irish authorities to find a legal solution to obtain user consent for this technology in line with European Union’s regulations.

Only now, six years later, the Facebook will reintroduce facial recognition feature for its EU users. However, Facebook’s representatives didn’t announce when the function will be implemented again or if the future feature will also comply with the Canadian regulations.


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