The Best Exercise For Office Workers To Maintain Their Fitness

Exercises for Office Workers

Working in administration and the corporate world with long hours sitting in the office, in front of a computer screen is a tedious task. Generally, office workers spend their time sedentary and operating office equipment and while these kinds of activities do less harm when done for short periods of time. Constantly performing such kind of activities can have a more harmful effect on your health. That’s why the people who are working in offices should know what is the best exercise for office workers to main their fitness.

General Issues That People Face

The main concern for those who work in the administration and business world is that they sit constantly for long hours in the office. This creates the harmful effect on their health. An Australian study says that more than 60% of office employees are either sedentary or have very low levels of activity. Generally, we go to the office and sit for eight hours and the fact is it gives major effects to the health.

Issues that People Face

These kinds of work environment can lead to increased weight, obesity and some other serious type of diseases. Like sitting on the chair for a long period of time can cause severe back pain and neck pain.

Why Exercise For Office Workers Is Important

Basic regular activity improves physical health and overall fitness. It also reduces the risk of many chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Researchers suggest that by avoiding sitting more than 3 hours a day will automatically increase your life expectancy by two years. So it is very important to not to give up daily physical activity after finishing your work. You should daily perform some exercises for office workers.

Types Of Exercise For Office Workers Can Do 

Making a slight change in your work routine can do wonders for your physical health. Try to organize the environment of office space in such a way that you have to stand up to reach oft-used files. In most of the cases, you’ll want to stand up at least once every 15 minutes, or more, so simply reaching out to get one or more things would allow you to build this kind of movement into your regular workday. This trick can be very helpful if you will add up some creativity.

 stand for 15 mins

Use an upright chair so it will force you to sit straightly and definitely it will improve body posture.  The study shows that movement is not just good for the body and overall physical and mental health but it actually improves your performance at work.

Upwrite Chair Exercise for Office Workers

Benefits Of Exercise for Office Workers

  • It Increases productivity

Working longer in office does not mean working smarter. Smart companies should encourage the employees to invest their working time in a little bit of exercise. It directly replicates in increased productivity

  • It Increases concentration

If you want to free your mind and allow it to be creative and to ‘wonder’ it’s important that the exercise undertaken isn’t one that requires constant focus and concentration, such as a competitive sport.

What prevents us from exercising more often? It has a very simple reason and that is the lack of time. A quite logical reason as mostly there is a time when we are overburdened with work and it is beyond our control.

Dont have time

But let’s be clear: What we really mean when we say we don’t have time for an activity is that we don’t consider it a priority is given the time we have available.

This is the reason that research illuminating the cognitive benefits of exercise is so compelling and interesting. Exercise helps us to soak in more information, work more efficiently, and be more productive.

Many research sug­gests that seden­tary office workers and other inac­tive people are at a rel­a­tively high risk of dying early.

Benefits of Exercise:


  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper memory
  • Faster learning
  • Prolonged mental stamina
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Lower stress

Some Add-On Tips:

  • Try to reduce your sedentary time and increase your incidental time.
  • Use stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk to the printer/fax/photocopier/rubbish bin
  • Talk face-to-face instead of email
  • Start incorporating standing and walking meetings to decrease sedentary behavior.
  • Park your car or your personal vehicle a couple of streets away from your office and walk the difference.

By following these recommendations, an office worker can definitely take care of the health and maintain the fitness by performing some exercise for office workers.

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