Evolution of Fashion Over Years – How Fashion Changing Lifestyle


In this world, everything changes with the passage of time and these changes occur due to some reasons. One of the things that have changed or evolved over the time is Fashion. The evolution of Fashion over the years is due to the advancement and growth in the human civilization. Previously, a few decades back, there were no industries and brands that were manufacturing the clothing lifestyles for the people. But, as the time has progressed, this thing has completely changed. Now there are many companies and brands that are designing and manufacturing designer clothes for people. One of the key factors in the advancement is that these designer clothes have become affordable for all kind of people.

Importance Of Fashion In Today’s Life

Basically, fashion is something that can never have any limits because when these brands and clothing industries started to manufacture the clothes, the designs of the clothes were of that time, which means the trend and fashion were always there, but it always depends on the clothing style of the people of that time. This has been always seen that the people love to wear the cloth of the design that is in the trend and has a quality up to a level so that it could be enjoyable to wear a cloth of such design and quality.

Charles Frederick Worth

The story of Fashion seems to have started in the period of 19th Century and this was the period when the people got to know the fashion clothes and designs and this made them started wearing the fashion clothes designed by a professional fashion designer. One of the well-known Fashion Designer from the period of 19th century is Charles Frederick Worth, who is considered to be the first fashion designer, who introduced the new clothing fashion and trend at Paris where he opened his fashion design house to design new designer clothes, because at that time people were used to wearing the clothes that were made by the dressmakers and the clothing styles that were worn by the royal people were considered to be the fashion standards.

Hence, this can be easily seen that how, from the 1920s to till date, the fashion trends and designs have evolved a lot. But the change in the fashion trends was not a simple thing, as these changes involved the efforts of many people that really influenced the fashion by the great thinking, imagination, and vision.

Evolution Of Fashion In The Past

Fashion was also influenced by some of the world events like wars, recession, and natural calamities. For instance, during the period of World War II, the people all over the world faced some of the adverse conditions and one of them was that they were bounded to use a specific amount of fabric so that they were restricted to make some simple outfits so that these outfits must be suitable for the time of war and practically enough for the people who were recruited in the army to perform wartime duties.

WAR FASHION Evolution of fashion

With the ending of World War II, there were many new things that were introduced to the world. And the period of the 1920s is considered as an exciting period for the people of US and other people around the world, as this was the time when people had jobs and the lifestyle of people started improving. In that era, men were used to wearing suits, suspenders with hats and the fashion trend for the women was the “flapper” style, which included dresses with fringe and some makeup. Then in 1950, the fashion style of people changed to the “greaser” style, where women started wearing the dresses which showed off their figure a little bit and men’s fashion trend included the jeans with t-shirts and black leather jackets.

How Fashion is flaring in Modern Era

After that, in 1970, the fashion trend again took a new step where people started wearing colorful clothes, which also included bell-bottom pants, mini-skirts, and men also started to have mustaches with beards. The period of the 1990s is considered to be simpler than 1970s and 1980s because, in 1990s, people simply loved jeans with plain shirts and converse shoes. This was the era when piercing became more popular among the people in comparison to the other decades. And now in 2018, there are several fashion trends that are being continuously introduced to the people and people are wearing the clothes according to their choices and the fashion trend they are influenced with as there are many options to choose.

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