List of 10 High-Paying Dirty Jobs For People


In this world, there are many people who have an ambition of doing their dream job as they think that the job they are willing to do will be the perfect job for them according to their passion, interest as well as salary. But there are some people, whose jobs are very extreme and revolting because these are the kind of jobs that are not a decent option from the point of view of other people because these jobs include high risk, unhealthy, and dirty environment to work in.

Despite having high risk and dirty environment, these jobs are needed to be done regularly because the result of not performing such jobs can badly affect the whole of mankind. Thus, these are the jobs that should have high pay.

Here Is A List That Includes The 10 High-Paying Dirty Jobs.


plumber dirty jobs

This is the one of the needed profession in modern America, as a plumber is the one who fixes the broken pipes of our house. But this done is not an easy job at all as a plumber has to face many unpleasant situations where they have to repair the pipes that are in a very close place in the house so they have to either hand their body or crawl in a very small place to fix the damaged pipes. The salary depends on the experience but still, some of the plumbers earn $50,000-$100,00 in a year.

2.Portable Toilet Cleaner

Portable Toilet Cleaner

Cleaning the human waste might not be seen as an appropriate job as this is the job in which the person has to tackle dirt, foul smell, and unhygienic conditions. But this is one of the jobs that is needed to be done because this helps to maintain the hygiene in public toilets and cleanliness in the city. They have an estimated income from $17,000 to $100,000.



They are the medical experts that work to treat the problems related to the digestive systems of humans. Therefore, there are situations where they have to treat the problems of abnormal stools, pain in the rear, the issue of gas, and acid in the stomach. They can have an avg. an annual income of $348,000.

4.Crime Scene Cleaner

Crime Scene Cleaner

This is one of the disturbing and revolting jobs as this includes the cleaning of the crime scene where there is blood spread on the walls or floors, as well as there might be chopped pieces of human body parts at the murder scene, and the human flesh and bone at the crime scene. This needs to be cleaned for the further process of investigation. They earn $39,000 yearly.

5.Garbage Collector

Garbage Collector

In this job, the person has to collect the garbage to make the streets of the city clean and this is a dirty job as this includes using your hands for picking up the garbage bags. Thus, the person has to face unhealthy and dirty conditions. They can earn up to $60,000 in a year,

6. Embalmer


They are the professionals that work to maintain the dead body to be in its presentable conditions so the relatives and friends can have a view of it till its funeral and last rites. But this is not an easy job because when a person dies the body starts decomposing which results in turning the body pale and disturbing to watch. The average annual income is up to $43,000.

7. Crab Fisherman

Crab Fisherman

Fishing might seem interesting to you but the fisherman has to face many difficulties while performing their job because they have to tackle very extreme and dangerous climate condition in the sea as well as they have to care about the prevention of fishing machinery and protecting themselves from dangerous coils, cold temperature, and other harsh conditions. They can earn an estimated amount of $50,000 annually.

8. Oil Rig Worker

Oil Rig Worker

Oil might be one of the precious resources but working at Oil Rig plant is the dangerous and dirty job because the workers have to work hard for 12 hours and spend weeks while eating, sleeping, and working on the oil rig in the middle of an ocean. They work in very dangerous conditions as they have to work with heavy machinery and explosive materials. Their annual pay is around $90,000.

9. Coal Mining


Coal mines are dirty and also consists of some explosive materials and gases that can get ignited with a little spark. Thus, working in a coal mine is a life threat as a little issue can cause a great destruction. Annual income is estimated to be $60,000.

10.Sewer Inspector


They are professionals that inspect the sewers to maintain their proper working but this includes unhygienic and dangerous conditions as there is a huge amount of waste, insects, and animals like cockroaches and rats running through the sewers which are also a great threat to their health. They can earn up to $85,000 in a year.

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