Courtney Hadwin: Thing’s You Didint Know About Her


Courtney Hadwin has become literally a star among the teenagers who are dreaming of becoming a singing sensation. This 13year old singer has created a huge havoc among the youngsters and has influenced a lot of people.

She has even impressed the judges the of America’s Got Talent that almost every one of them was comparing her to the Otis Classic queen Janis Joplin.

Courtney Hadwin belongs from Heartpoool, which is a small town in the country of Durham in England.

In the beginning, Courtney seemed to be shy on the stage but when this teenage girl starts to singe her song then she transforms herself into a powerful singer who has no tension of the crowd and just feels like she has gone to a very different era.This little girl has been performing for years on the stage and just feels like she is a pro.


Facts About Courtney Hadwin

Below here are some interesting facts about America’s Got Talent winner 2018 Courtney Hadwin that you definitely need to know. These facts make you wonder how can a girl be so talented at such a young age?

1.The Amazing Singing Of Hadwin Surprised The Judges And Her Grandfather

When Courtney first set her foot on the stage, no one thought that she would turn out to be a powerhouse. Her singing impressed the judges very much. You will get to know what made the girl’s performance so interesting when you watch the video. At the beginning when Courtney took the stage, she admitted that she was a little bit nervous. She was just 13 and it is likely to happen. Her favorite subject in school was music.

2.She Got A Golden Buzzer From The Judge Howie Mandel

When Courtney started singing on the stage, it was not the first time that she had grabbed a lot of attention due to her singing. Earlier when she was in her school, she sang during her open mic organization which gave her a big break. Her video was uploaded by her school on Facebook and it went viral. This was in the year 2017. During the time when she performed in America’s Got Talent, she had already been performing stage shows for two years but she was still nervous performing on the stage then. Her song was viewed more than 1.7 million times on YouTube. The most interesting part is that she never expected of a golden buzzer.

america got talent winner 2018

3. Hadwin Is Happy When She Sings And Loves To Post Cover On Facebook

Recently Courtney posted what keeps her motivated in singing. She said that she doesn’t sing because she loves to but she sings because it makes her happy. In an interview, Courtney reveals that her idols are Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson, and Jessie J. At the age of 11, she already had around 16k views on her YouTube.

Being so much talent at such a young age just seems to be a miracle. It was a buzz among the people wondering who won America’s Got Talent last night. With her performance, she certainly won everyone’s hearts that night.


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