Celebrities in disguise


On Saturday Halloween was celebrated, or for Spanish speakers, Halloween. Despite the discussions on whether or not it is a foreign party, it is a fact that in Argentina also takes the opportunity to roam the streets disguised as cartoon characters, monsters and even politicians, as in other places.

Oriana Sabatini was added to this celebration, disguised as the adventurous Lara Croft. Franco Masini painted his face black and white pretending to be a skull and his girlfriend Cande Tinelli performed a nail art of spiders. The inseparable Barbie Velez and Cande Ruggeri disguised together. One dressed in black, like a doll of evil. The other one put in the personage of Harley Quinn, a villain of cómics that was central personage in the film Suicide Squad.

The journalist Germán Paoloski played Dracula with cloak and fangs, while Darío Barassi bet on humor with a giant pumpkin. With the same theme, the model Natalia Franzoni played a sexy vamp. Also dressed were Delfina Chaves, Micaela Breque, Cande Vetrano and Brenda Asnicar.

Some even participated from their Instagram accounts, like the dancer Magui Bravi, who made a photo gallery showing the perfect makeup for the occasion and the digital retouches that gave a scary look.

Criminal love: Fran Tinelli and his girlfriend identified themselves as the “crime couple”.

They do not want to lose it for nothing

The pop singer, Lali Esposito was out of the country at the time of celebrating, so he did it virtually: “Sure, everyone in Buenos Aires celebrating Halloween and la boluda is on tour and plays with Snapchat,” he joked. respect. The same happened with Jimena Barón, who from Miami left the party wearing a colorful wreath of flowers.

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