Seven Reasons Why Beyonce Is The Queen Of Everything

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If you don’t know about Beyonce, then you must be from a different planet. The Pop music industry revolves around her. In case you are not aware of this megastar, some mind-blowing facts are going to get revealed today.

For every pop music admirer, music gives them a completely new and fresh dimension to explore their emotions either it may be happiness, pain, sadness, anger or hope. People like music because they feel someone is there who can understand their emotions better and give them a completely new approach to see things and artists are delivering such masterpieces through their unique and creative talent. Although there is a huge list of famous music stars in the music industry, but Beyonce holds a very special place in people’s hearts. But what makes her so special? Her fans call her The Queen Bee. Why did Adele (known for Hello Song) refuse to accept The Album of the year Grammy because of her?  The answers are not completely straightforward. It is quite tough to get really into it but still, we will dig deep into this to find out the reason.


That Soothing Voice

Few chances are there that if you find a star, whose voice can give you goosebumps in seconds, reduce you to tears or switch your mood from pissed off to party in a matter of seconds after listening to her songs then, undoubtedly she has best and attractive voice among the other musical stars. This is not exaggerated, she has a truly tremendous voice. Her huge amount of fan base is the proof for her talent.


Her Empire Of Stardom Is A Result Of Hard Work

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One of the inspiring thing about Beyonce is that it took quite a while to get to where she is now. It is so easy to call her the greatest stars of our generation but we must not forget about her career back in 1990 where she was the part of a music group known as Destiny’s child. This group released a number of hits including “No No” and many others. The whole group of that band was loved and adored at that time. But Beyonce stood out among the others. As she made an immense amount of hard work in her initial years in this industry and all her hard work paid off.


 She Does Not Support Body Shaming

Beyonce never supported body shaming. She has always been proud of her body curves, color but in her music video “Pretty Hurts”. In her video, she portrayed negative body image issues of girls and young women as they constantly struggle throughout their lives.


Beyonce Empowers The Black Community


In her previous works, she touched so many subtle topics but for the first time in her recent single Lemonade, she explored her experience of being black and being a woman. But after the release of this single which depicted her super bowl performance, a lot of protests happened but she started selling T-shirts in her concerts which had written “Protest Beyonce” on them. And the irony is that this woman literally made money from her haters.


She Understands Her Power For Being An Influential Celebrity

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Apart from the showbiz and music industry, she does charities. She worked with many charity groups like “The Black Lives Matters”, “gender equality”. She encourages people who come to her concerts to donate money to people.


Made A Mark In Multiple Industries

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Beyonce has won 20 Grammys (nominated 53 times, making her the most nominated woman in history). Her records have sold more than 118 million worldwide, which made her one of the top-selling artists of all time. Queen Bee was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in Dreamgirls, MTV Movie, and NAACP awards nominations as well.  She was Emmy nominated for her Superbowl performance. She also owns a clothing business, House of Dereon, which is operated by her mother. It shows that Beyonce is multitalented.


She Stands Up For Herself

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Beyonce’s faith and religion have kept her grounded in the industry and she never regretted this.  Most of the time she never replies to her haters on social media. She wants her fans to feel the joy of making a difference by helping others. She firmly believes that we can make this world a better place through our act of kindness.

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