10 Really Surprising Health Benefits From Smoking Cannabis


\Purchasing and consuming cannabis are banned in some countries as it is said to have bad effects on human health. But some researches, that have been conducted in the past few years, states that smoking cannabis has many good effects on our health. Actually, we are also surprised to know about its good effect on human health. And, here we have discussed 10 really surprising health benefits from smoking cannabis for all of you. You may go through these points and enhance your knowledge about smoking cannabis and its good effects.

1. It Makes You Thinner or Avoids Obesity In A Human Body

It Makes You Thinner or Avoids Obesity In A Human Body

Researchers have found that smoking cannabis improves one’s metabolism and decreases the chances of a person becoming fat. In this research, the people, who smoke cannabis, were found to have lesser weights in comparison to those who do not smoke it. The study also states that it makes the metabolism stronger against sugar. Therefore smoking weed or smoking cannabis makes the smokers thinner.

2. Smoking Cannabis Improves Lung Function

Smoking Cannabis Improves Lung Function

A research, by American Medical Association, has found that smoking cannabis is really not harmful to lungs, instead, the people who smoke cannabis have better lung functionality as compared to cigarette smokers and the folks who never smoked. It is because of the big drags consumed or taken by the cannabis smokers and it actually increases the lung efficiency.

3. It Makes The Smokers Creative

Makes The Smokers Creative

A research was conducted in 2012 in Consciousness and Cognition where it was found that consuming or smoking the cannabis increased the creativity of the smokers. And especially in terms of verbal fluency. The smokers were able to speak their language more correctly and fluently than before. It increases verbal fluency in the low-creative people to the same level as the high-creative people.

4. It kills Cancer cells

It kills Cancer cells

A test was performed in a laboratory in the USA where it was found that the cannabis can cause the cancer cells to shrink and die. Thus, smoking cannabis decreases the chances of cancer in a human body too. But Cancer Research in the UK says that there is still no evidence that Cannabis decoctions can be used as a cancer treatment.

5. A Far Safer Alternative To Alcohol

A Far Safer Alternative To Alcohol

According to a journal, named ‘Scientific Reports’, the cannabis is the safer drugs available on earth and is actually 114 times less deadly and very safer than alcohol. And it really has no effect on one’s liver and kidney.

6. Smoking Cannabis Helps To Leave Heroin Or Other Drugs

Smoking Cannabis Helps To Leave Heroin Or Other Drugs

A study says that the people who are very addicted to several dangerous drugs and cannot leave them should start smoking cannabis. It soothes the smoker’s mind and devastates the internal desire of consuming drugs. This study was conducted at Columbia University where the opiate-addicted patients, who smoked weed, were found to be less anxious and able to sleep with no pain or irritation.

7. It Increases The Appetite

It Increases The Appetite

Smoking cannabis really helps in improving or increasing smoker’s appetite, And thus, it can help the malnourished people to improve their appetite as well as health. It also improves the appetite of patients who are going under chemotherapy.

8. It Helps Sportspersons To Perform Better

It Helps Sportspersons To Perform Better

The smoking of marijuana improves the athletic performance of an athlete, a gym-guy, or a sportsperson. The cannabis decreases the anxiety, improves the mental condition, and acts as a bronchodilator to increase the flow of air to the lungs. But smoking cannabis is banned in all international games.

9. It Acts As A Sleeping Aid

It Acts As A Sleeping Aid

The people who are suffering from insomnia or are in depression should consume or smoke cannabis, according to a study. It calms the mind and acts as a sleeping aid. The people who are not able to sleep well for some other reasons like bad dreams or fear may also smoke cannabis to get a good sleep.

10. It Helps In Curing Glaucoma

It Helps In Curing Glaucoma

A glaucoma is a group of eye-conditions which may cause blindness. Generally due to the pressure on the eyeballs. Smoking cannabis can also help in curing this health-related problem.

Thus, it is all about the 10 really surprising health benefits from smoking cannabis.

We do not recommend you to smoke cannabis or weeds regularly. The purpose of writing this article is to make you aware of the shocking effects of smoking cannabis on human health.


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