Area 51 Secrets – A Mystery Where Aliens Live | Complete Story Of Area 51

Area 51 Secrets

Area 51 is the United States Air Force facility. This air force facility is situated in the barren desert of Lincoln County Nevada, north of Las Vegas. It is a top-secret remote detachment of Edwards Air Force base which is counted in the Nevada Test and training range. As per the reports and documents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the names of the air force facility are the Homey airport and Groom Lake though at the time of Vietnam War this airport was named Area 51 in the central intelligence agency documents. Area 51 secrets have remained a top mystery in the global news from past many decades.

This facility has other nicknames too like it is referred to as Paradise Ranch and Dreamland. Area 51 is a remote area because there are myths that roam around with this air force facility which includes alien presence at that place. However the origin of Area 51 is still not clear, but a few reasons are given by people to explain this naming of the facility like some say that it is named from a grid numbering system of the area which was executed by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) while some state that it is named Area 51 because it was unlikely that the Atomic Energy Commission would use the number. As stated earlier, the origin of this base is still unknown, however, according to some historical documents, there are pieces of evidence which proves that the air base was used for development and testing of experimental aircraft along with development and testing of weapon systems. Being a too secretive place it has always been a subject of conspiracy theories and area 51 aliens stories.

Area 51 has never been declared a secret base, however, all the activities like research and occurrences are top secret. Yet before 25 June 2013, this air base was officially nonexistent. In the year 2005, a request was filed following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which was heard in 2013 and then the Central Intelligence Agency publically acknowledge its existence. When people took interest in this filed request and pressurized the government, the government denied all these news related to area 51 aliens and gave an official statement that the details of Area 51 are top secret for the purpose of national security which only raised the doubt that the government is hiding aliens and extraterrestrial materials from the alien spacecraft. This place is highly protected along with intimidating trespassing signs which are not normal for any airport base. Area 51 is under high surveillance, there are cameras which cover every angle of the place. The most suspicious thing which raises doubts in the mind of locals about Area 51 secrets is that on the distant hilltop a white pickup truck with the tinted windshield which peers down on everything below.

The United States air force facility base Area 51 is majorly in headlines because of unexplainable activities and the most strange reason for which area 51 is famous is the area 51 aliens. The theories about this place states that remains of crashed unidentified flying object (UFO) are stored in area 51. Stories also state that at this air force facility of area 51, government scientists reverse engineer the highly advanced alien technology. All these rumours stories and theories started growing when people claimed that there have been UFO sightings in the area.

A retired Army colonel also gave the testimony on this subject as he said that he was given the access to the extraterrestrial materials that were gathered from the crashed unidentified flying object in Roswell, N.M. All of these unidentified flying object stories started brewing in July 1955 during the U-2 testing when the commercial airplane pilots saw an aircraft fly at a very high altitude of 60,000 feet which is not a normal altitude. Many Area 51 videos have been released till now but there has been no surety whether these videos are true or not.

The activities and occurrences at Area 51 which relates to the existence of aliens are tried to be proved by various videos too which make Area 51 secrets very interesting. A man named Robert Miller released a video in which he talks about how he eventually landed for a job at Groom Lake military base which is known as Area 51 military base after his services in the Marines. In his Area 51 videos, he also claimed that he was a test pilot for an extraterrestrial craft which was reverse engineered. Although there are many pieces of evidence that may prove the existence of aliens at Area 51, yet everything is unexplainable and a big secret.


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