Apollo 17 moon landing mission was faked, NASA photo suggests [Video]

Apollo 17 mission

Yet another video has popped up on the Internet claiming there is strong evidence in the official images of Apollo 17 moon landing that suggest that mission was faked.

In a new video, YouTuber Streetcap1 who has a long history of making claims about aliens, UFOs and fake missions, says that the Apollo 17 mission was faked and it is evident from the reflection of what seems to be a person without any spacesuit. The person appears to be walking around on the ‘moon’ without a spacesuit indicating there is something fishy.

Apollo 17 was the sixth and final mission of NASA’s Apollo program in December 1972, conducted by a three man crew led by astronaut Eugene Cerman. According to NASA’s official report of the mission – said to be the most recent manned moon landing – the crew touched down on the satellite and spent three days walking its surface.

However, in the video Streetcap1 points out the reflection of one of the astronaut’s visors wherein a figure standing around in a “waistcoat” appears to be visible. The video creator suggests that it is a person with long hair wearing a ‘waistcoat’ and a pair of boots.

“There was a lot of debate over whether these photographs were faked,” the user added. “There’s been a lot of debate, certainly this week on Facebook.”

“[People] say we never made it to the moon, but I think we did. But this is starting to make me think, maybe not. Because, where’s the guy’s spacesuit?”

The reaction to this video are mixed with many suggesting that this and other Apollo mission photographs need to be investigated while there are those on the other side of the isle who believe that there’s is nothing wrong with the photos and that the author is just trying to get clicks and money.


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