5 Reasons DCEU Is Spectacularly Failing Behind MCU

5 Reasons DCEU Is Spectacularly Failing Behind MCU

In the comics world, DC and Marvel are two giant names in America. Both entertainment companies are big rivals to each other in this highly competitive entertainment market. Superhero movies are the biggest thing in Hollywood right now and this has been the case for the last 10 years with the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is a cinematic universe based on the world of DC comics, including the famous superheroes and villains like Batman, Superman, wonder woman, the Joker, and many more. 

Reasons Why DCEU Is Failing Behind MCU?

1.Unorganized Storytelling

Unorganized Storytelling of DCEU

Comics are a visual storytelling medium. Recent DC movies are not known for their clear narratives. One thing that has united Man of Steel, Batman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and even the popular wonder women is a lot of conversation that comes down why did that happen? Why would the character do that? Suicide Squad was re-cut at Warner’s request to match closely resemblance to its popular trailer. The result was the movie that was all style and no substance or sense. No matter how well the visuals and action work, if an audience comes out of a movie making fun of its writing, it never goes well.

2.Hope for the Future


DC films that were entirely made after Wonder Woman’s success proved that a movie about hope and heroism can be more successful than a series of nonstop battles. The trailer of Aqua man feels very similar to Wonder Woman. It has become clear that the worlds of DC are moving beyond the darkness in which DCEU was born. With an interest in a wider variety of films for the future. DCEU is losing its original plot.

3.Quality Vs Quantity

Another problem if DC choice is to play catch up with Marvel and rush their build of a cinematic shared universe. It is okay if they want to have a team movie before solo films and defy the structure Marvel had but that does not mean everything has to be a set-up for another movie. The best evidence for this point that is the main reason behind the poor performance of the movies is the completely random and lazy introduction to the Justice League members in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

4. Who is the Audience?

Who is the Audience

A film starring two of the most famous comic-book superhero has an R-rated cut that means toddlers and children would want to watch, had an R-rated cut. It does not have to be the kid’s film, but our point is DC needs to know who they are making the movies for? Is DC Comics right for all the movie audiences all over the world? They do not seem to really understand why people like movies. Marvel may have movies like Guardians of Galaxy, but there is still a logic where you can imagine a world in which both those concepts could appear together.

5.Need for Leadership

Need for Leadership

DC films have never benefited from consistent leadership. In 2010, comic book writer Geoff Johns was hired for Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment. In 2016, after the poor reviews of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, the creative head was changed. This year they have also replaced the creative head by movie producer Walter Hamada. Basically every time something goes wrong with the DC movies, Warner wants someone new in charge every time when the movie gets a flop.

6.Future of DCEU


This is a difficult question. But so far, we expect a great change of pace in DCEU. DC has several planned movies including Aqua man 2018, Wonder woman 1984, Birds of Prey. An untitled The Joker Origin movie and more. The trailers of Aqua man 2018 and Shazam 2019 look pretty good. We can see great potential within these two films. How will the future DCEU turn out? We have no idea. Every prediction is still in speculation at this point. We have to wait till Aqua man 2018 and Shazam 2019 and see for ourselves.

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