5 Best Facts You Did Not Know About Social Media


    Social media can be very unpredictable. The reason behind it may be the fact that new apps and sites are being launched every now and then. Henceforth are 5 best facts you did not know about social media followers.

    1. Yes, Facebook is flourishing

    To a few markets, Facebook is considered to be no longer as popular as it used to be. Still it is doing great business, and actually it is contrary to what the markets think about it. Furthermore, it is estimated that every second 5 profiles are created on Facebook, which is even higher than the number of births per second globally! Isn’t it insane?

    2. Second half of evening is the best time to tweet

    After thoroughly analyzing more than 1.7 million tweets, TrackMaven introduced a specific time for people who are keen to maximize their repost. So according to him the most suitable time during the day would be from 10 pm to 11 pm ET. To further increase the chances, tweet more on Sundays. That makes sense too. Sunday is a holiday for everyone that goes to work or those who are in the education phase. So when almost everybody is free on Sunday and have nothing to do, they’re most likely to use social media to kill their boredom, which at the same time increase their chances of logging into Instagram and hence increases the chance of getting a repost..

    3. Written content is what you should go for

    Who doesn’t love the art of writing? Writing that can catch your heart by the very first sentence, is what the readers are looking for. The increase in demand for good quality written content increases the demand of a content writer. Moreover, it forces the marketers to look for fine writers who can write for their brand on different social media platforms, raising their product awareness. This shows that not only the pen but also the keyboard has a lot of power.

    4. Good quality visuals have a significant say on Facebook

    Eye-catching images can be the cherry on the cake when it comes to publishing your brand or a specific product. Social Bakers analyze that 87% of all the interactions of a Facebook page made, occur on photo posts. Comparing photos with links, only 4% of all interactions are received through posts with links mentioned in the caption. So choose the most appealing and relevant visuals for your brand to be recognized.

    5. Age group 55-64 is expanding day by day on Instagram

    55-64 is the fastest growing demographic on Instagram. This allows brands that deal with products that are of interest of the mentioned age group to target them on Instagram. This can be done through hiring content writers to write about their product and then publicize it on Instagram so that people who are interested in the product can buy it. To get more targeted leads, buy Instagram followers.

    Previously mentioned were 5 best facts you did not know about social media. Hope you found them interesting or at least worth a read.


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